11 thoughts on “Everyday Is Caturday: Can Somebody Tell Me What Expression This is?”

  1. A Bit Shy
    And Unsure
    Of The Environment

    This Cat

    Seems However

    A Context Of The

    Actual Interaction

    Might Prove

    The Cat
    Is Just


    Waiting To
    Receive A Next
    Hand Given Treat
    True Feral Cats Particularly


    Who Haven’t
    Face Barbed
    Pain Of Love Life

    Have A Bit More

    Countenance Of

    Fearless As Long
    As They Remain The

    Tom Cat On Top For

    Fights Yes Male Cat
    Privilege is A Thing

    Our Vet

    Told Us
    That is Why
    Our Yellow Boy
    Wild Feral Cat

    Feared No



    And Our Big
    Gray Moby Male
    Cat Ran As Fast

    As He Could

    And Hid Under

    The Bed If A Strange
    Male Repair Man Came

    To Our Home There is
    A lot To Be Said About
    Call Of The Wild Privilege

    Modern Humans

    Could Use

    A Lesson

    And More
    From the Call
    Of The Wild Freedoms Wing

    Other Than That Happy

    Global Environment

    Day This

    June The
    5th Saturday So

    Happy it Comes
    Still Wild And Free
    Calling My Way

    On The

    Eve Of

    My 61st😊

    Birthday Now Doc FRiEnD🙌🐾

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