PODCAST No. 3: About Feelings My Brain And My Heart

This episode was one hundred percent unplanned. I improvised while relaxing watching the birds fly and while soothing my skin in the warm water my body was in.

9 thoughts on “PODCAST No. 3: About Feelings My Brain And My Heart”

  1. First of All to Answer Your Question

    Love You Doc Your Blog Is Always

    Stimulating And True Life

    Doesn’t Have to

    Be All ‘Flowery’

    to Be Stimulating

    Either As There is Dopamine,
    Serotonin Neurochemical Stimulation
    And Oxytocin Neurohormone Stimulation
    And ‘Adrenaline’ That is Related All Over the Body Where

    (And Much More Generally Speaking These Are A Common Four)

    Oxytocin Receptors Are Located Even on Bottoms of Our Feet Hehe Yes Soles

    Of Our feet Have “Soul” Of Course Oxytocin is the Social Empathic Bonding
    Hormone of Love Commonly Mammals Share That Feed By Breast And to me

    It Seems Like You Kinda Answered Your Own Question of How the Heart

    Actually Is Part of Our Emotional Experience in Heart Pain Experienced

    And Yes There Is the Comfort Of Our Feet When We Feel Grounded in

    The Neurohormone Oxytocin IN Bonding Social Empathic Love

    And Of Course There is the Vagal Nerve Reaching From

    Brain to Gut Indeed Our Experience of Body

    And Mind Is Interconnecting Always

    Without One Or the Other

    Emotions Are Lost

    Rarely Does that Happen

    to Humans And As My Neuroscientist

    Psychiatrist Relates it’s Much More Common

    On The Autism Spectrum as i surely Experienced

    Life that way Truly in Hell On Earth For 66 Months

    No Drug Would work He Wanted to Implant A Vagal

    Nerve Stimulator As Treatment that my Insurance

    Company Wouldn’t Pay For of Course the

    Vagal Nerve Is Part of the Central
    Nervous System Yet Surely

    Not Limited to the Brain

    As His Plan Was to

    Implant a Stimulator in my

    Chest Yes it was Just that Bad

    Hehe Like a Tin Man For Real Who Needed

    A Feeling Ticker in His Chest… And On Top of that
    Science Now Shows That Moving Meditation From Head

    to Toe Not Only Integrates Senses Yet Regulates Emotions too

    i’ve Probably related it before Yet as You Know Doctor’s Don’t Give

    Prescriptions Out for Jokes i Have A Prescription From A Psychiatrist

    for Moving Meditation to Regulate my Emotions and Integrate my

    Senses Both For Autism And Bi-Polar Disorder too as My

    Doctor Affirms For Some Folks That’s all that is

    Required to Alleviate Unwanted

    Deleterious Symptoms

    Associated With

    Both Disorders IF Not for That

    Therapy i’d Still be Mostly Living

    As Half A Human It’s True There is Such a Thing

    As Living In Your Head without the Rest of Emotions

    Working From Head to Toe And it is A Whole Body And Mind

    Interaction A Synergy of Real Flesh and Blood Soul if Ya care

    to Use that Metaphor For Real too and the part About Feeling

    The Pain and Pleasure of Others Yes Mirror Neurons Very Sensitive
    As i have Naturally As Born Close to Mirror-Neuron-Touch-Synesthesia

    Definitely May Be Considered As Real Flesh and Blood Spirit Reaching

    Out And Receiving The Feelings of Others Both Pleasure And Pain of

    Course Mileage Varies Based on Make and Model of Vehicle and

    Vessel of Human Being And Science Also Shows That We Have

    the Potential to Increase Either Our Systemizing or Social

    Empathic Artistic ‘Spiritual’ ‘Soul’ Intelligences

    With ‘Heart; All Metaphors of Course that

    Generally Describe the

    Entire Mind And

    Body Connection

    From Head to Toe in Process

    With Other Humans in our Environment

    And Yes the Rest of Nature Now True too

    Yet Science Also Shows To Do One Part

    of Human Potential Intelligence This Way Exclusively

    In Life Withers Away the Other Potential Like Truly A

    Metaphor of Yin and Yang Out of Balance; True Experience

    Teaches Much And In Some Ways Science is finally Catching

    Up on What Humans Have intuited is True All Along It’s not Woo

    It’s Real Flesh and Blood Spirit Heart and Soul as Metaphor

    Or No Metaphor or Even Words At all as We Humans

    Are Much More Than Our Thinking Mind Alone as

    Science Suggests Word Think Consciousness

    Only Comprises About 5 Percent of

    Total Mind in How That

    Relates Subconsciously

    From Head to Toe in Balance or Not Now

    Generally Speaking Doctors are Very Systemizing

    As Scientists Are Usually Somewhere on a Broader Autism Phenotype too…

    Hehe, i Can Actually Hear it in Your Voice Relatively Speaking As An Empath, Yes

    All Real Flesh and Blood Some Humans Exercise the Potentials Others do not…

    And As Science Shows Some Humans Seem to Be Born Without This Potential

    As Life Surely isn’t Fair and After Experiencing No Emotions Then From Head

    to toe i Surely Enjoy my ‘Spidey Feelings And Senses’ Born As Such Reborn Now..:)

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      1. SMiLes Dear Doc i LiVE iN
        The Most Trump Infested
        Place oF iGnorance in The
        Deep South LA (Lower
        Alabama Characterized
        Place) in The


        Of Florida

        Just North
        Of The Red Neck
        Rivera Emerald Gulf Coast

        Nature Is Beautiful Here
        It’s Safe And The People
        Are Nice Enough Yet



        Is Face Palm
        Worthy In Every
        Day Ignorance on


        It Makes

        my Visits
        Online to
        Kind Open
        Minded Rational
        Folks Like You

        A Little
        Bit Of
        Escape to

        Paradise From The
        Nature of Paradise

        Here Face
        Palm Forest

        Thick Ignorance Hehe

        Grin And Bear 🐻 IT i Do

        i Appreciate

        You Very

        Much Thank You🙌☺️

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