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Saturday Night For The Freethinker: Just Some Freethinking Thoughts

After a wonderful Saturday with the family, a relaxing Freethinking Night, why not?


Saturday Night For The Freethinker: Just Some Freethinking Thoughts religion dra martha castro noriega mexico

ABOUT RELIGION — Richard Dawkins

Saturday Night For The Freethinker: Just Some Freethinking Thoughts religion dra martha castro noriega mexico

3 thoughts on “Saturday Night For The Freethinker: Just Some Freethinking Thoughts”

  1. Dr. Martha being a person who’s been practicing spirituality for 7 years now I can say with confidence that there’s no religion afterlife. Religion is good for someone who wasn’t religious from his/ her early years who lost their way in teen years became wasted. Religion for such human beings is the only way to find the right way to live a good life. As for the afterlife yes, it exists. The people who’ve gone through NDES know it’s reall and it exists. The three humans who’ve had a big impact on my own life are Neurosurgeon Dr. Eben Alexander, Mr. Jeff Olsen and Mrs. Anita Moorjani. All of these pure souls had a profound NDE. Dr. Eben had a NDE when he was battling meningitis in 2007. His brain was affected by bacterial infection real bad. All of the parts of his brain that process information, memory etc. were shut down but still he was alive out of his body visiting the higher realms in the afterlife meeting other vibrant spiritual beings, receiving knowledge that was out of this world etc. Mr. Jeff Olsen had a horrific car crash in which he lost his wife, his child and one of his legs had to be amputated. He met his wife on the other side right after the accident where she told him to go back and look after their elder son who was still alive in the car crash. He kept on meeting his wife in the coming years also met his deceased son, God The Source and was given the knowledge about the real purpose of our birth as human beings on this planet or physical plain. And then there’s the NDE of Mrs. Anita Moorjani who died of cancer and came back. There were multiple tumors all over inside her body. She went to the other side came back to life after being pronounced as death by the doctors. All of her tumors disappeared within few weeks. All of three have written books about their experiences on the other side and how the NDE changed the way they viewed life here on earth. There are many videos, interviews of the three on youtube and many other NDE survivors. But there are two kinds of NDES one is where the soul doesn’t realize it’s true self and sees other spiritual beings as Gods, Prophets etc. The other type of NDE is the genuine one where the soul immediately remembers itself as a infinite, immortal, spiritual light being. The soul knows what it is and doesn’t behave like something bound by religious beliefs taught on earth right from their childhood. Anyway, Dr. Martha our home exists, we come here to find love in the darkest hours and places and spread it. That’s what our real purpose in life is. This love we give to others sticks to our soul and in the afterlife we rejoice seeing our life review, the parts where we spread the love to other beings even when were going through hardships and traumas. We never die that’s what these NDES prove. Thank you. God bless you.


  2. Very interesting comment and also, the situations you have been through. I’m a freethinker and open to possibilities. We, humans, have evolved biologically only until a certain point- Who says that there are still areas in our brain that have to develop/evolve, DNA that has to experience advanced transformations in order to understand what we cannot now.
    Thank you for your comment, and your kindness, Sudheer.

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  3. It’s True Overall, CuLTuRE is a Most Dangerous

    Religion And Potential Building

    To Create Dreams

    On Earth Come True

    Unlimited Ways to Clothe

    Humanity Yet What Also Culture

    Will Do is Hide Us From the Nature

    of Who We Even Are Hide Us From

    Love And Kindness And Empathy

    Hide Us From Others Who

    Are Different Than

    We Are

    Hide Us

    From Our Basic

    Pleasures of Life

    Sit Us in Front of A Screen

    Where We Become Functionally

    And Voluntarily Disabled Only Human Fingers

    With Eyes And Ears Yet On the Other Hand Fitting

    Our Souls Through Fiber Optic Cables At the Speed

    oF LiGHT Around the Globe Touching Other Souls

    With Art of Who We Still Evolve to Come and

    Be Again It’s Not Necessary For Mozart,

    Beethoven, And Einstein

    And Buddha,

    Jesus, Lao

    Tzu, if They Were
    Actually Real Folks
    Per Story to Get Lost

    At the Bus Stop Playing Candy

    Crush With No Cool Story Bro And

    Or Sis in Forrest And or Frances Gump

    Ways to Relate to the Doctor in Mexico Hehe

    Or The Health Executive Puerto Rican Woman
    From New York, New York, And All the Other
    Places i For one Touch in A Day of my Soul Way

    Religion is What Bonds and Binds Folks Together
    It Doesn’t Have to Have the Word God/Devil to Be A Nightmare

    For The Essences of the Joys and The Evils Whether the Name God

    Or Devil Used are the Same We Must Choose Our Poisons or Elixirs Well

    From the Chalice We Are Spoon-Fed From Birth As Insane As We May

    Move Away

    From the


    of Who We Even

    Are As Humans Naked
    Dancing Singing Foraging
    Giving Caring Empathic
    Hairless Apes Living

    With Least Harm

    For All Existence

    In Balance



    Seeing Beauty

    of Sunrises Sunsets

    Twilight Forevermore now

    At Least for those Who Find A

    Balance ‘Tween DarK and LiGHT

    Everyone Tells a Story By Who

    They Are And What They

    Do Yet the Essence

    of the


    Is How they

    Feel And Sense Life Now For Real
    Heaven or Hell Purgatory Grey SHades
    BLack Abyss Beyond Rainbow Colors

    This Life is Well Beyond the Heaven And
    Hell of Old Antiquated Fictional Stories 2000
    Years More or Less Dusty Dead in Other Ages….

    It’s Hard to Believe Folks Worship Words of Authors So Far Away
    In Another Age Yet They Do They Do as Rational is Not often Human Do….

    And Most



    Art only

    Cogs in A Machine…
    Kneel Stand Go Home Again
    Ever Lost For Creating A Religion of Joy Now…
    Your Blog is Your ‘Personal Bible’ i Love it so i’ll Return Again…

    Only With

    Two Words

    to Give “Thank You”..

    And Other Side Notes
    ALong my Way With SMiLes..:)

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