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Learning Wednesday: Act Of Kindness And Love For Nature

The smallest act of kindness has the potential to turn a life around. Kudos to the kind man for caring.

8 thoughts on “Learning Wednesday: Act Of Kindness And Love For Nature”

  1. SMiles Living Loving
    Acts of Kindness Will
    Be Truly Organically

    Healing For All


    Yet Of

    Course Doc

    Concern in Empathy
    In Compassion Are Key

    For Yes Now Without the
    Feeling Of Unconditional

    Love As Gardened Across
    Life The Fire And Healing

    Is Lost

    When Life

    Is Not A Lifelong

    Practice of Loving
    Kindness Key Giving
    In Spirit of Love So

    The Giving



    Grows Flicker
    Flame Torch Saint

    Elmo’s Fire Within

    Bonfire Lighting All

    For Really Really



    Give Share Care
    Free With SMiles🌈🔥😊

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  2. Aww, bless that man’s heart. I love stuff like that, and we could certainly use more of it in this world lately lol. I think the sloth was going to say thanks but is a bit of a slowpoke.

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