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Saturday Night For The Freethinker: Forgiveness For Everyone From Heaven (Dark Humor)

But most likely the traumatic event would’ve caused Timmy to stop believing, and Timmy would be burning in hell forever.

I always ask this to believers, and they have no good response.

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8 thoughts on “Saturday Night For The Freethinker: Forgiveness For Everyone From Heaven (Dark Humor)”

  1. Hehe Dear Doc Try This One on For Size…
    i’m Not About to Repent to Any Dude

    Who Says i Have to Forgive

    My Enemies Loving Them
    No Different Than All
    of Nature And me

    Turning All My

    Other Cheeks

    As He Turns
    A Possessed
    Head Around


    Around Again

    And Tortures Them
    Forever As A Despicable
    Leader No Different Than Trump

    Of Course If He Had Mythical Abilities too…

    On the Other Hands i Use Real Negative
    DarKeR Emotion For Poetic Muse And Always
    Drop it Off At The ‘Cleaners’ For Ever Lasting Bliss On Earth

    Honestly Can’t

    ‘They’ Come

    Up With

    A Better Story

    With At Least More

    Than Trump Integrity and Honor…
    Oh Wait! He’s One of ‘Their Saints’ Already….

    No Surprise

    What the

    Comes Again…

    It Doesn’t Matter
    Which One Comes
    First The Nature of ‘The Beast’ Remains…

    Oh Cock-A-Doodle-Doo Cock-A-Doodle-Do

    Can You Imagine How i Spin Around the
    Heads of the ‘Profession’ When i Create my Web…

    It’s a
    Just A
    Holy And
    Sacred Real
    Blast Just Truth
    iN LiGHT Preceding Thunder For Real..;)

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      1. Thanks Dear Doc
        Some Folks Bring
        SwordS iNstead

        Of Peace…

        Yet Not

        Unlike “The
        Child” And




        Is Trickster Wit..😜
        It Was Almost Like
        A Prophecy When
        The Nun’s Awarded
        me A Certificate

        For Wittiest

        Boy In

        Grade Blessed
        Sacrament Private
        Catholic School i
        Didn’t Have Google to
        Check The Metaphor
        Def. Then on The Autism


        Yet I Didn’t

        Have To Even

        Try to Be Whatever

        It Meant Smart or
        Funny i Just Play A Fool🤪


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