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Religion, Believing The Unproven Does It Help to Be Happy? Part 1

I don’t eat peanut butter. I find it repulsive and will go out of my way to not eat things with peanut butter.

People have often told me that I’m missing out. That food is so much better with peanut butter. “You’ve never had a Reese’s Cup? Or a PB&J? How can you be happy without having had peanut butter?”

The answer is, I’m plenty happy because it’s not important to me. It’s not something I require. I had my taste and quickly realized that I wasn’t missing out at all.

When someone asks “Can you be happy without believing in God?” what they’re really saying is “I don’t think I could be happy without believing in God.”

They’re projecting their feelings about religion onto others. They’re assuming their experiences are the only experiences.

We all do it to some extent, but it’s important to recognize that just because someone requires religion to be happy, that doesn’t mean that others do. I’m actually happier not believing in any religion? What if I asked you how you could be happy while being religious.

People might think that’s funny. That it seems obvious how being religious makes them happier.

It’s the same for me. Of course, I’m happy without believing in any religion—and why couldn’t you be?

The religious God is a PB&J and I don’t need either of them to be happy. But that’s just me.

How can anyone oppose the non-existent, and debate it fervently on the Internet? It is a waste of time. The radical and fanatical religious will never try to understand, they will never have an open mind. 

3 thoughts on “Religion, Believing The Unproven Does It Help to Be Happy? Part 1”

  1. In addition to a complete lack of evidence for the existence of a god, we have hundreds of debunked theist claims and hundreds of thousands of debunked claims for other spirits and gods. The argument from a “A lack of evidence is evidence of absence” is a pretty good argument in my view. I can say with 99.999% certainty that there just isn’t a god out there. If there is one, the burden of proof is still on the theist. I am happy to change my mind as soon as some evidence is presented that supports their claim.

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  2. SMiLes Dear Doc With Asperger’s Syndrome
    on the Autism Spectrum My Bull CR8P Meter

    Has Always Been Rather Tweaked

    And i’ve Always Tended

    To Tweet my

    Mind even in
    Places Where

    it Might Lose A Job
    or A Loved one As such…

    What’s So Dam Hard For Folks
    To Understand God Is Breath

    And Inhaling Peace And Exhaling

    Love is Religion Enough Isn’t that

    What the ‘Good Cop Version’ Of Jesus

    Said in the Frigging Book Did He Really

    Like Traditional Religion When He Broke the
    Sabbath Rules Like a Real Hero in that Part of the Story
    To Empathically Help Someone Not As Fortunate As Him…

    As Soon as the Onward
    Christian Soldier Bully
    Boys Spit on me
    in Middle

    Back in the
    Days When i Was
    Only Clark Kent With That
    Big Polite Nice Smile For All
    In Existence Just for the Gift of
    Breath This God Inhaling Peace


    Love All

    For Free…

    i Could Tell They Had
    Been Drinking Tainted

    Holy Water With An Old Testament Stagnant Pond
    Taste oF A Desert Tribal God Who Was
    Afraid of Smiles As It Might Just

    Prove God is Human Hehe…

    God Is A Wag on A Dog

    A Purr From A Cat


    On Furry

    Mother’s Breasts

    And Yes God Is

    A Reptile too The Will

    To Survive And Some Days

    the Neo-CorTexT Just Gets Literally

    LosT iN Texts Stories oF OLD Where Folks

    Come to Worship the Clothes They Wear All the

    Tools More Than This Breath This God Inhaling Peace


    Love For

    This Miracle

    of Life That Should

    Be Enough For Folks
    Who Are Human Enough
    to Be Naked Whole Complete This Way…

    In ‘The Gospel of Thomas’ the Part that was
    Censored Out it Said Strip Your Clothes off
    Tread on them Yes Dance And Sing On Them

    With NO SHAME

    (in Verse 37)

    For the Living One

    is This Breath

    This God


    This Inhale

    of Peace This Exhale of Love Now…

    Of Course i’m A Greater Free Verse Poet than ‘Jesus’

    i Have An iPhone Now And Folks All Around the Globe

    to Practice With Than Whoever Wrote the/that Story then…

    And Didn’t quite ‘Feel’ in the Common Sense Blanks Enough…

    Bonobos LiVE iN Peace By Sharing Love Only Reasons Humans

    Have So Many


    They Have
    Text And

    Clothes and

    Atomic Bombs

    That Have Replaced

    A Naked Breath of God
    Inhaling Peace Exhaling Love For ALL..

    Meanwhile Folks in The South of Louisiana
    Same Ones Who Had a Vaccination Card Signed
    By A Mythical Character in a Book Believe That

    A Book Their Parish Priest Holds High to the Church
    Ceiling is Gonna Protect Them From A Storm With

    The Force

    of More


    10,000 IDA Nuclear Bombs…

    Now The Sin of Our Clothes

    The Almighty Sin of Our Clothes

    Religion Per Science is Whatever

    Bonds and Binds Humans Together in Life

    A Religion Worshipping Life More than After Life

    Would Sure Go A Long Way in Surviving A Monster

    Hurricane and Monster Pandemic too… Oh the Face Palm


    Are so

    Thick in the

    Deep South Lands

    of DeSaTaNiS and The TRumP Ilk Like

    Priests, Pastors, And Bishops Wearing Same Damned Lies

    oF IGNoRanCE Hurting, Maiming, Raping, Killing Most As it

    Always has my





    Sad as i raise

    A Palm to my Forehead
    For A BLeSSinG oF CoMMoN Sense again…

    Later Today A Person Drowning Will Be Calling
    ‘The 911 God’ And A Person Suffocating in Bed
    Who Also Had A Jesus Vaccination Card Will

    Be Begging

    For A Vaccination

    That is No Longer Effective

    No Different Than The 911

    Card With Water Rushing IN

    As A Nation So Many Have

    Grown Soft to the Miracle of

    Breath This Inhale

    of Peace

    This Exhale

    of Love This Snake

    Coiled Raised to Strike A F in

    Yet At Last Gasp They ReMeMBeR Who They are…

    And Truly All ‘They’ ‘Were’ Missing is Appreciating Life (God)… NOW.


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