7 thoughts on “Beautiful Breathtaking Sunset In Taj Mahal India”

  1. Hehe Doc the Taj Mahal

    (And The ‘Mahābhārata’
    Is Rather Tiny From my
    Book Case Views)

    Doesn’t Impress

    me Nearly

    As Much As A
    Forest or the Beach
    As Where i Live Now is Still
    Naturally A Wonder of the World

    Yet True The Sunset at the Beach Is
    As Real And Beautiful at the Taj Mahal…

    When We Built Our Modest 1333 Square Foot
    Home With A Garage And A Screened-in
    Patio to the Woods And A Shed for Garden Tools

    And Sure A Board-on-Board Privacy Fence for all
    Natural Activities of Being Human Outdoors In Nature Free…

    The Real Estate
    Agent Back in


    Tried to Shame

    Us in Getting Such A
    Small Home in A Never
    Ending Story of A Forest

    Of Never Ending Beauty of Flowers
    And Trees Birds And Furry Little Creatures
    of Wonders And Insects of Most Every Variety

    That Make
    Fall Spring
    And Winter
    Summer’s Caress
    of Fertilizing Life Dead to Living

    In Other Words Hehe i Just Built
    A Taj Mahal of Nature in Words Above

    Yet It’s Something i Always Do Now Never
    Settling for one Form to Worship as Change

    is Reality

    And Beauty

    Is the Flower
    That Colors
    Differently Most

    Hehe At Least for
    me Who Is Not So
    Traditional As Stone Temples
    And Navigators And Pilots Who Stay Inside…

    Yeah It’s True ‘They’ Still Have Their 3500 Square
    Foot Homes With No Trees And Trucks That Are
    too Big to Fit in Garages Multiplying By Two or
    Three in Every 5 Bedroom Two Bath Home
    One Will Spit on Next Door From

    The Bathroom

    Window Hehe..

    It’s True We AS Humans

    May Value Below A Grain of

    Sand As Much As The UniVerse PLuS

    And All That Builds Above As GRains of Sand Hold Up Mountains
    of Human Love or Below mY FRiEnD in Statues That Never Change

    Yet A Sunset is the Edge of Twilight Ever Coloring Existence New As Each


    of Inhaling
    Peace Exhaling
    Love New Colors BRinGS FREE…

    As It’s True Obviously That Flock of Birds Migrating
    Didn’t Settle for A Stone Temple Home Either With SMiLes..:)

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  2. This is the half Mam. The masterpiece getting tormented by pollution …it’s made of c
    caCO3 ..it’s getting changed over time
    .it’s quite devastating to witness u crippled doing about it ..govt in india since independence of India .. looting poor PPL n doing freaking nothing abt society

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