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Celebrating Today 40 Years Of Entrepreneurship

I was 19 years old when I started my own path towards success. I never doubted that I was going to get to where I am now. Self-confidence, loving with extreme passion what I do, learning from my mistakes, and never give up, are some of the many attitudes I have to continue and keep on going, always.

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Because success is not only to get there, where you always dreamed of, it is about maintaining it, keeping it flourishing. It is about feeling satisfied with what you have accomplished but compelled to continue to do it until your time to cease to exist comes.

Thank you for letting me share this special day with all of you, my dear WordPress friends.


28 thoughts on “Celebrating Today 40 Years Of Entrepreneurship”

  1. “Self-confidence, loving with extreme passion what I do,
    learning from my mistakes, and never give up”

    Wonderful Virtues Dear Doc Staying on
    The Journey Now Success in Life Indeed
    Ongoing Never Ending As Long As You Are


    This Way

    Now You Truly Live

    How Precious it is to
    Really BREaTHE LoViNG What
    You Do Free to Be All Of You Are As You…

    Congratulations in You 40 Year Journey in
    The Medical Field As Surgeon And Doctor too!

    Hehe i Can’t Imagine having that responsibility for Sure


    For Doing
    It At All


    For 40 Years my FRiEnD…
    My Doctor Said today She is
    So Disheartened How the Local
    Community Keeps the Number of
    Vibrant Youth Who Have Died from
    Covid-19 Out of the News to Motivate
    Younger Folks to Get Vaccinated Really

    A Hard Job to Do When Folks Are Holding Healing Progress Back..:)


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