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Kindness Matters In This World

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Just a smile, a kind look to someone, a thank you, you’re welcome. When we see people walking down the street, in the market, restaurant, etc., with a sad face or maybe a serious one. We don’t know their life story, what they have been through, we should not judge, be rude to them. Many times we can change somebody’s sad face with a kind smile from us.

Needless to say, kindness towards our family, relatives, and friends, is most important.

Do you have any suggestions or ideas on how we can be kinder to strangers, or maybe you want to share a story about kindness? Thank you!

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.”Robert Louis Stevenson

Dalai Lama

11 thoughts on “Kindness Matters In This World”

  1. Hehe While Dancing Around the Neighborhood
    Block i Recite Short Form Free Verse

    Poetry to Unsuspecting



    My Dancing

    Path And Of Course

    It’s Usually Only the

    Women Neighbors Interested

    In Poetry, Waving, Smiling

    And Of Course



    How Are You

    Before the


    Comes Again

    With SMiLes…
    True i Often Get
    Lapped By Neighbors
    As Poetry Flows Through
    The Dance And i Slow

    Down While

    In Reverse

    Typing it into All the
    Free Hard Drive Space
    Unlimited Facebook Provides

    Sadly Some Folks Use Storage
    Space For Pay Yet of Course it is
    Impossible For Anyone to Use my



    Of Soul

    As They Are
    The Song of mY SoUL

    Even if Anyone Wanted

    To use Them For Theirs

    It Would Still be my Soul Un-Mistakingly my FRiEnD

    It’s Never For Sell Anyway Dance And Song Shall Always

    Be Free

    i Am

    And Continue
    to Wing my Mexican
    Doctor FRiEnD And With
    That Sung It’s Almost Reached
    The Hour for a Midnight Siesta to Snooze..:)


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