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Anything Goes On Sunday: I’d Rather Be Cycling!

I needed some house repairing tools and wanted a palm tree, but I was not in the mood to drive the car and get into traffic. So I decided to do what I really love to do: cycling. Really, I will rather be cycling than driving, all the time. So I grabbed my bike that has a rack attached to it and rode away to Home Depot!

On my way to the store, I was pedaling fast, breathing, puffing, and doing my usual “dancing on the bike”. After pedaling 16.7 miles (26.72 km) I got to the store,  secured my bike, went into the store, and bought what I wanted. Time to go back  🚲 🚲 🚲

I go to my bike to get everything ready to go back home. Using some high-quality stretch elastic bungee cord hooks I bought I tie the palm to the bike and to my surprise I rode without the palm moving to the sides at all, it was pretty secure!
The 16.7 miles (26.72 km) back home were so awesome and full of fun that I hardly felt the heavy weight I was carrying on my backpack, and the palm tree loved the ride!
I felt proud of myself knowing that I could carry in my bicycle everything I bought, and rode a total of 33.4 miles (53.44 km) with no problem, enjoying every second of it.

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I Rather Be Cycling Than Driving

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