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Blogging Goals Learning Inspiring Why Do You Blog?


I am a blogger because I love writing, photographing, communicating with other people who are like-minded, exchanging ideas, teaching others what I know, and learning from others’ mental and soul wonders so we can all share, connect, inspire and grow.

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Educating myself and advancing in my blogging is what I have decided today, that is why I want to set some goals and share them with my followers, contacts, family, and friends:

  1. Blogging at least 3 times a week
  2. Interacting more often with my followers
  3. Increasing my followers count
  4. Motivating comments in my blog
  5. Commenting more often in my followers blog

Happy blogging everyone!



3 thoughts on “Blogging Goals Learning Inspiring Why Do You Blog?”

  1. SMiLes Dear Doc Happy Two Day on Tuesday
    Hehe, 2.22.2022. And True It’s Just A Random

    Number Assigned By A Calendar Date Based
    on A Fictional Story Mostly Yet Never the Less

    We Humans Have the Ability to Generate Our Own
    Happy Feelings Within; Yes, All the Neurochemicals
    And Neurohormones Through Art And Of Course All

    Abstract Constructs We Co-Create That Are Associated

    With The Feelings And Senses Within
    The Art We Co-Create For
    Life Meaning and Purpose

    Generating Now; So in

    This Way Art; All Art
    is Sunshine We Create
    And Feel and Sense Within

    to Give, Share, Care, And Yes Even
    Heal Freely At Best Hehe Without A Bunch
    of Pop-Ups/Ad Sense on WordPress That Only Actually
    Make Money, Usually Just Breaking Even on a Business
    Plan Fee Without Around 800,000 Views and 400,000

    Annual Clicks Yet

    Of Course That is
    Beside the Point
    for me as i’ve
    Been Financially
    Independent Since Age
    47 Through Much Blood, Sweat,
    And Tears And Pain And Numb Generated
    By 33 Years in the Active Pay Working World too

    Yes Ever Lasting
    Money Now and
    Yes Everlasting Pain
    And Numb For 66 Months
    After Falling to 11 Years of
    Chronic to Acute Work Related Stress
    For the Last 2 Years of That Endeavor…
    Yep Pretty Much the Span of a Locust
    in A Hell SHeLL For A Total of 17 Years

    What That Taught me Most is Happiness is
    Not About Work And Things And Money for me at Least

    It is all About Moving, Connecting, And Co-Creating For Free
    And Expressing all my Human Potentials to the Max Making

    the Most out
    of Ever Second
    of Life Actually
    Literally and Metaphorically
    Killing Time in Autotelic Flow
    of Dancing Singing Art Free Always

    Every WaKinG Moment of Real Heaven Now this
    Way as those 17 Years of Real Purgatory Through
    Hell Was All About Time And DEAD LINES THEN THAT

    Failed to
    Spiral As
    Free Waves
    Water Of Ocean Whole Now
    Do Always Creating New Shores
    of Life Free Now Either Receding or
    Expanding Night Makes Day DarK Makes LiGHT

    Marry the Night Dear FRiEnD Merry the Day
    Naked, Enough, Whole Complete And Haha

    It Doesn’t Matter if Anyone Visits my Blog
    or Not as it does get Heavy With all my Bi-weekly
    Human Potential of Around 57 Thousand Poetic Words
    On Average And Several Hundred Photographs of Freest

    Naked Enough
    Whole Complete Yes True

    Lamps That Shine So Bright
    Thrill Some And Scare Others…

    Yet i Am Not Afraid to Look at the
    Eye of the Sun Within Directly And Generate
    Massive Amounts of Sunshine Solo or ToGeTHeR

    Dancing Singing
    Free Besides

    WHeREVeR i Am
    Welcomed i Tend
    to Leave A Blog Post
    Sized Poetic Comment Behind
    Only Fumes of the Heaven Within Free Dear FRiEnD…

    You Always Inspire, Every Blog Post you Bring Free
    Keep up the Great Work oF LiGHT… Yes Continue to Be
    the Sunshine Now You Are Born to Serve And Give Free too in All

    SHiNinG New Now…

    Always Amazed By
    The Dedication of Individuals
    in All the Health Fields too my FRiEnD
    So Much They And You Do to Make All of Life Better For All Of Us Now..:)


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