Anything Goes On Sunday About Sarcasm

I feel sarcastic today 🤣😜🙃 I’m just trying to be positive…

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16 thoughts on “Anything Goes On Sunday About Sarcasm”

  1. SMiLes i Remember in the Neo-Natal Unit
    And the 51 Days Of Our Only Child Ryan Born
    on June 4th, 1997, A Couple of Days Before

    My 37th Birthday Then

    His Life Only Pain
    Never A Smile
    An Only
    That Way
    At All on
    Father’s Day
    That Year Anyway the

    Folks, the Precious Doctor’s Who
    Worked At Shands Hospital in Florida

    Often Said if they Had Worked in that
    Neo-Natal Unit And Could See All of What
    Can And Will Go Wrong with the Human Condition

    At Birth They Would Have Been Terrified to Even Try

    to Sire A Child
    And Of Course
    That’s Just at Birth

    Never The Less The Way
    They Made it Through the
    Day Was Often Dark Humor
    Sarcastic Yes like the Dude Who
    Was Insisting His Son Be Circumcised

    As the Young Doctor Said Oh my God ‘it’
    is the Size of A Japanese Soup Noodle As If

    That Was the Worst of All that
    Parent’s Worries A Child

    Who Might

    Live or Die
    With Part of Nature
    Attached or Not Then

    SMiLes The Human Condition
    Where What is Cherished Most
    is Often True Insanity Only

    Lending Recognition
    Dear Doc That

    This Condition is A Far
    Cry And Yes Laugh From Anything Really Rational
    True Once one Delves Deeper into Stories of Humans…

    And that Reminds me too Yes Stumbling into a National
    Geographic Documentary on YouTube About Lion’s Mating And
    The Crowd Started Jeering About the Size of the ‘Lion’s Package’

    Not Even Thinking About the Size of Jaws and Claws And Family


    Left Dangling
    With An Entire
    Environment of
    Fighting Sharp as Razors
    Oh All the Illusory Fears Folks
    Drive to


    Death For Real..:)

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    1. This is more than a beautiful deep hearted souled poem. I don’t know how to describe it but I will try. Try, because this breath away with pain and beauty at the same time.
      I will try to give it all respect deserved. Try, because only sincere and whole respect will do it.
      Do I have your permission? I will just copy , paste it, give credit to you 100% and write some introduction.

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