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Anything Goes On Sunday George Carlin And Shoes

George Carlin was a master of humor, sarcastic, cinic, delightfully honest, painfully sincere for others. For me, he was the person who opened my mind about religion with his colorful criticism. His dark comedy, priceless!

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3 thoughts on “Anything Goes On Sunday George Carlin And Shoes”

      1. He actually had a whole monologue he did on those seven words you can’t see on TV and he enjoyed rattling them off every chance he got during that event Martha. I actually would not have gone to see him on my own if he was at a concert venue, but I was attending this community college and was involved with the school newspaper and also student government. Student government was instrumental in bringing him to the college and another reporter and I attended the event to report on it for the school newspaper. His routine was pretty raw actually. Have you ever seen his seven-word-not-to-say-on-TV routine? I will send it to you as a separate comment – it is on YouTube.


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