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Beautiful Breathtaking Sunset And A Poem

Out of the Sunset’s Red

by William Stanley Braithwaite

Out of the sunset’s red
Into the blushing sea,

The winds of day drop dead
And dreams come home to me. —
The sea is still,— and apart

Is a stillness in my heart.

The night comes up the beach,
The dark steals over all,
Though silence has no speech
I hear the sea-dreams call
To my heart; — and in reply
It answers with a sigh.

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12 thoughts on “Beautiful Breathtaking Sunset And A Poem”

  1. Dear Martha,

    Well done! Since you have featured for us such a fine piece of poem entitled “Out of the Sunset’s Red” by William Stanley Braithwaite, I would like to resonate and complement the spirit and beauty of your post with my musical composition entitled “The Sunset Lingers On”:

    Please enjoy the music to your heart’s content as we witness a new horizon and journey towards a lingering sunset of the romantic heart.

    Yours sincerely,


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