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Have A Great Saturday All My Followers I Love You!

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3 thoughts on “Have A Great Saturday All My Followers I Love You!”

  1. SMiLes Dear Doc
    Yes! How Kind of You
    to Tell All Your Followers

    i Love You!


    i Love You!
    Too Enjoy Yes
    Your Saturday Evening Bath
    Heck even Make it A Bubble
    Bath Why Not Go All Out Yes

    Surely Something a Doctor
    During The Week A Heart
    Specialist And Surgeon
    Might Do to


    Hehe, Anyway i Must
    Go Out into the Wild
    of Public Stores While
    my Wife Shops Now to
    Dance For No Reason Other
    Than Autotelic Joy Of Meditating
    Free Verse Dance As Song Comes
    Free in Poetry


    too And Yes
    Perhaps to
    Create SMiLes
    For Several Hundred
    Folks As It’s True It’s Not
    Every Day ‘Lucy in the Sky
    With Diamonds’ Comes in
    Male Form in the ‘Deep Deeper
    South States’ of the Old/New USA

    To Do A Free Dance Now Practically New
    Dancing On Water Floating on Terrestrial Land
    FRiEnDS With Gravity Planets
    Orbiting Stars God Yes ‘Lucy
    In the Sky With Diamonds’ For Real Hehe
    ‘Moon Dancing’ too On Smoothly
    Recently Renovated Walmart Dance Floors

    (It’s Almost Like ‘Fonzie’ Yes!
    Jumping A Shark Every Night!
    YeS Even Before Shark Week!

    Comes Again on the
    Discovery Channel
    Oh ‘Happy Days’
    Again Indeed)

    Hehe Anyway Enjoy Your
    Bubble Bath in Sweet Mexico…

    And Don’t
    Forget i Love
    You! too With SMiLes..:)

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