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Movie of the Day: “Fathers and Daughters” Get Your Tissues Handy!

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I love watching movies. Drama, love, comedy, science fiction, terror, horror, fantasy, suspense, action, and another genre. The only ones that I do not like are

1. the ones where they show sexual violence against women or children.

2. lots of gun shootings in movies…tsk, tsk, nope…they bore me.

Other than those mentioned above…welcome movies!

If you, like me, love movies and you haven’t watched this one, be careful because there are some spoilers. So, STOP READING RIGHT NOW!

Today’s movie is about a father (Russell Crowe) who loves his daughter (Amanda Seyfried) and fights for her until the end of his life, which was tragic to say the least, and sad.

One of the best pictures I have seen in a long-time. Russell Crowe gives a powerful performance as the writer whose mental illness is brought on by the car crash that killed his wife while they were arguing and he was driving.

This is a wonderful story of interpersonal relations and the ability to help others but not themselves as shown by his adult daughter.

The idea of flashbacks works wonderfully here as we see how this tragedy affected their lives as well as their brother-in-law and sister-in-law who would sue for custody of their niece only until revelations came out about the former.

I haven’t seen Crowe this good in years. He is rather subdued while being objected to mental illness. As a social worker-aspiring psychologist, Seyfried can help others but has difficulty in her own relationships which almost destroys her.

Russell Crowe and Amanda Seyfried in Fathers and Daughters, great performance!


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