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Elon Musk in Trouble Again 2020. The Most Expensive Joke in History Elon Musk Bankrupcy 2018


Elon Musk Dr Martha Castro Tijuana

Elon Musk’s brother Kimbal made more than $8 million selling Tesla shares 2 days before he bought them REFERENCE LINK


TESLA (TSLA) has lost 5.83% of its shares value only today, when a year ago TSLA stocks were $ 389.61 now they e are $ 251.74.Elon Musk decided to have some “fun” with his 20 million Twittr followers and unknown number of investors.

Elon Musk Dr Martha Castro Tijuana

Meanwhile, assuring that this stupid joke is tomorrow’s reality, on Sunday, the NTSB said it was “unhappy” that Tesla made public information about the crash of its Model X vehicle on Autopilot that killed the driver last month.

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Health Financial Social Crisis … But Why? Part I

This is an interesting question a blogger asked me in one of my blog posts amid the COVID-19 pandemic: “Interesting article …… social, health, financial, whatever crisis …… but why!?” The Mysterious Blogger

Yes, why? Why does the world keep on living crisis after crisis, war after war?

covid 19 coronavirus crisis health dra martha castro noriega tijuana baja california america us world

Many experts from different professional backgrounds can give you their own opinions, and some differ from one another. I read them all to make my own opinion. I don’t care what political or religion affiliation they hold. I learn from them all.

I have read geopolitical, financiers, social disruption experts, sociologists, think tanker experts and I have made my own opinion about what goes on in the world. Of course, I keep learning everyday, especially now with the coronavirus pandemic that is causing thousands of deaths, and social disruptions around the globe.

The world has had a country that has set an example of success to the world for decades: the United States of America. But like everything else, all good things come to an end. Let me explain more. The world reserve currency has been the US dollar for long time. It was in 1944 when the US dollar was chosen as the world reference currency at Bretton Woods. Since then, we have seen the power of America rise globally, and the rest of the world followed. Now we have been seeing other countries rise to power; China is an example. The whole world is changing: politically, financially, socially.

covid 19 coronavirus crisis health dra martha castro noriega tijuana baja california america us world

But don’t take me wrong. All these changes we are living today, other generations of the past have gone through too.

covid 19 coronavirus crisis health dra martha castro noriega tijuana baja california america us world

Actually, this is not new to the history of the world. It is just new to us, to the people who inhabit the planet at this moment. In two hundred years from now, the humans living then will go through the same climatic cyclical changes, political, social and financial disruptions. It’s just the way it is: The Human Condition.

covid 19 coronavirus crisis health dra martha castro noriega tijuana baja california america us world

Let’s admit it. The “powers that be”, term that some people use to refer to the societies who really own the big corporations of the world, always try to make the most money through taxation, insurance, banking, hope and fear, war or “freedom”. Whatever works for each county as long as they make profit.

To continue next with Part II…don’t miss it. NOTE: This topic will require a series of future posts. Bookmark this blog and subscribe to the comments for you to keep on getting notifications.


I believe that one of the main reasons we’re here in this wonderful earth is to try to bring goodness to each one of us, to the lives of our loved ones and strangers alike.

Right now we are going through really hard times with the COVID-19 pandemic. It is serious and it is real. But I am hopeful that we all are going to get through these tough times.

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President Trump Wants a 1% Fed Rate Cut…Are You Kidding Me?

Most of the time I don’t talk about financials or the global economy.

You might have noticed that my blog is about general lifestyle topics, and these ones include everything I live, like, do, think, etc. But economics is kind of boring for some people, that is why I haven’t written about it. That is until now.

We are living interesting times, that’s for sure, when lots of things are changing around us and all over the world.

Today, for starters, I would like to address some monetary issues that concern the stock market and the Federal Reserve.

President Trump and Powell Fed Reserve


president dra martha castro noriega tijuana mexico


One question: If the economy is doing so well, why do the rates have to be cut?

president dra martha castro noriega tijuana mexico


In the meantime, let me quote President Trump:


“They must Cut Rates bigger and faster, and stop their ridiculous quantitative tightening NOW” Trump boomed, even though the Fed ended their “ridiculous quantitative tightening” LAST WEEK.


NOTE: I really like to talk about a lot of things, and have many activities and things I like in my life, apart from the love of my life: the science of medicine. And economy and financial affairs is a topic that interests me a lot and have found to like it very much.