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Beginning 2023 Counting Calories

… and eating right! As you get older your body gets slower burning those calories consumed during the day. So, it wouldn’t hurt to start counting calories according to age and gender. It’s actually fun, as long as you don’t go totally radical about it.

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Facebook Post: Happy Medical Doctor’s Day!

In Mexico The Medical Doctor’s Day is celebrated. I understand that different countries have dissimilar dates. But in name of all Mexican medical doctors I am congratulating all physicians of the world who have dedicated their lives to save others, with compassion, respect, dignity to the patients.

It is been a great honor for me to be a doctor. Medical science is my passion.

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Face Masks In The 1918 Flu Pandemic

The use of masks in the1918 Flu Pandemic, Spanish Flu H1N1 virus

The horrific scale of the 1918 influenza pandemic—known as the “Spanish flu”—is hard to fathom. The virus infected 500 million people worldwide and killed an estimated 20 million to 50 million victims—that’s more than all of the soldiers and civilians killed during World War I combined.

Lack of Quarantines Allowed Flu to Spread and Grow

Take care of your body: Remember that the best medicine is education and prevention—DraMacn

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One Idea at a Time: Keeping Your Mind Sane In Times of Distress

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I chose today to talk about “mental sanity” because lately, I have seen patients with many distress symptoms. They come to me complaining of headaches, left arm pain, extreme fatigue, hyperventilation, etc. After talking to them, exploring them, and auscultating them, their blood pressure is way high, and their EKG shows signs of severe anxiety.

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So, be careful and control your stress and emotions because they could affect your heart. Remember: it is better to prevent than sorry,

Here is ONE IDEA AT A TIME: Get yourself a nice-calm hobby. Like gardening, carpentry, reading, painting, walking around your neighborhood, listening to music, or learning how to play an instrument (this one is so much fun). If you prefer an exciting hobby like speed cycling, consult your doctor before starting any exhausting exercising.

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Dedicate yourself to this hobby with all your heart making sure that you really like what you chose to do. This kind of approach to lower your anxiety levels truly works.

I hope I have helped you with this advice.

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Future of Healthcare Digitization and Digitalization in Medicine and Healthcare for Diagnostics

AR (Augmented Reality) is the future of computing, truly. It transcends traditional computing with 2D monitors, mice, and keyboards – and takes us into spatial computing, with 3D holograms and more natural interactions. It’s a whole new way of interacting with digital content in the context of the real world.

Although there are several forms of AR such as mobile and smart glasses, the most advanced and powerful is immersive AR, which is defined as photorealistic, high-resolution, life-size holograms wrapped in a natural interaction paradigm using direct hand manipulation and voice commands. Immersive AR has immense potential to change how we communicate, collaborate, and create… enhancing our human interaction in the process.

Healthcare is one of the primary verticals in AR with the most to gain. In healthcare education, medical schools are starting to train a new generation of healthcare professionals using interactive 3D anatomical models – reducing the need for cadavers and significantly improving training and comprehension.

With immersive 3D medical imaging, AR can assist with everything from diagnosis, to patient communication, to collaborative pre-operative planning, to the surgery itself, where 3D MRI/CT scan is overlaid onto the patient. The benefits of 3D medical imaging go well beyond providing high financial value – they represent the future of caregiving.

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Dra. Martha A Castro Noriega: Contact Me for Quality and Better Medicine For All – Medical Consultation, Surgery, Telehealth

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I am a Certified Medical Doctor by the WORLD MEDICAL ASSOCIATION (WMA).

I am a Registered Medical Doctor in the country of Mexico by the DGP (DIRECCION GENERAL DE PROFESIONES) of the SEP OF THE GOVERNMENT OF MEXICO

I am a registered MÉDICO COLEGIADO in the State of Baja California for 29 years. I have been practicing medical science for 34 years.

I am a Medical Doctor who practices world-class medical care. I specialize in complex medical and medical and clinical diagnostics for all ages.

I subspecialize (multiple diplomados and courses around the world):

Internal Medicine (Managing Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Kidney problems, circulation, cirrhosis)

Asthma, Allergies, Lung -Pulmonary – Illnesses.

Ischemic Cardiopathy



Dra. Martha A. Castro Noriega, MD TM 

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Learning Friday: Human Body Effects of Air Pollution

Air pollution is considered the major environmental risk factor in the incidence and/or progression of some diseases such as asthma, lung, vision problems, hearing complications, skin damage, cancer, ventricular hypertrophy, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, psychological complications (like stress, anxiety, mental confusion) autism, retinopathy, fetal growth, and low birth weight.

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Learn about Human Body Effects of Air Pollution. Remember that the best medicine is education and preventionDraMacn

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I Love Bacteria …. the Good Kind Though

Yes, there is always good and bad in all, isn’t? And bacteria is not the exception.

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Our bodies have different tissues full of excellent microbes that help us fight the bad ones. It is so important that we take care and preserve this kind, helpful and faithful bacteria, so we can have an army of healthy tiny micro bio-soldiers for the attack of the bad ones when necessary.

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In fact, you couldn’t survive without some bacteria!  Good ones help digest your food and fight invading microbes.  Also, they are used in making some of the dairy products you like to eat and also some types of medicines!  It is one of the best decomposers – they break down dead and decaying organic matter, from leaves to insects. 

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Best of all, it is being used to clean up oil spills to keep your environment healthy too.

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Celebration I Quit Smoking 22 Years Ago

Today I am celebrating that 22 years ago I smoked my last cigarette. It wasn’t easy, it was darn difficult, physically and mentally. But I did it, and I am so proud I did. My health has improved immensely, I exercise and don´t get out of breath. I enjoy the horizon without the need to have a cigarette between my fingers. I don’t celebrate every year. I did it this one because I needed to remember myself that I can do and accomplish what I want to. That I have will power and strong!

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