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Happy Thanksgiving To Everyone And 3 Funny Poems

If Turkeys Thought

If turkeys thought,
they’d run away,
A week before Thanksgiving Day.
But turkeys can’t anticipate,
And so there’s turkey on my plate.

Grandma´s Turkey

I like the taste of turkey
Any time throughout the year
But it never seems to taste as good
As when Thanksgiving’s here.
Could be it’s all the trimmings
That are cooked with it to eat-
But I think it’s eating at Grandma’s house
That makes it such a treat.

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Humor Friday: Laughs And Inspiration For You To Be Happy Today

“Laughter is the best medicine” quote has a lot of truth in it! Laughter certainly brings joy to our lives, improves cardiac health, lowers stress hormones, triggers the release of endorphins, and lots more, making us happier and thus healthier!

W T F !  

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Madness is a Wonderful Thing!

humor dr martha castro mexico

Open 24 Hours?! hahaha

humor dr martha castro mexico

Don’t Worry, Laugh!

humor dr martha castro mexico
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Coping with Quarantine Laugh and Lower Your Stress Funny Memes! Part 2

Laughing and making life less serious is key for a better happier life. So, why not take advantage of these memes today to laugh. Remember that life is present for us to live.


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We have to be polite, always, even when we practice revenge!

humor funny day dra martha castro noriega tijuana baja california

OH NOOO!!! I promise not to trespass 😬😬

humor funny day dra martha castro noriega tijuana baja california

Police arrests on fowl play suspicion!

humor funny day dra martha castro noriega tijuana baja california

Too bad not all cops are like this cute cat police!

humor funny day dra martha castro noriega tijuana baja california


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Haunted Hospitals with Horrible and Scary Stories for Halloween … BOO! 🎃

Waverly Hills Sanatorium—Waverly Hills, Kentucky

This sanatorium was designed to house tuberculosis patients and have the most cutting-edge treatment options the world had ever seen.

These days, it’s become known as one of scariest haunted hospitals in America—as well as one of the most haunted places in the country. Ghost hunters regularly report seeing shadow people, hearing disembodied voices, seeing objects move by themselves, and also seeing the ghost of a little girl who runs on the second floor.

Beechworth Lunatic Asylum—Beechworth, Australia

Many people who go to Beechworth claim to feel a sense of dread in the shock therapy hall—or even feel poked by those ghostly residents of the haunted asylum.

However, there’s also a very sad side to this haunted asylum. Adults were not the only residents here, which is why many people claim to hear the sounds of children playing around the area. In fact, it’s not so uncommon for child visitors to be seen talking to invisible people—then claiming they were talking to boys who “lived there.”

Rolling Hills Asylum—Bethany, New York

Considering that the insane were treated brutally during the 19th century, it’s unsurprising that many potentially sane people who were admitted ended up going crazy. Patients here were known to undergo torturous treatments and also be left barely clothed in the middle of winter.

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Happy Mothers Day to all Say it with Funny Quotes and Images

To all my followers, readers, friends  and contacts who are mothers, I wish you have the best Mother´s Day, full of love, happiness and fulfillment, surrounded by your loved ones.

In my family there are several mothers we celebrate today with much love, respect and admiration for everything they have done for the Castro-Pruitt-Schneider Family: my mother in law, my aunt, my daughter, and more. Gladly I am included in the celebration as a mother and grandmother as well, so I am looking forward to lots of hugs and kisses!

Even “bad children” love their Mummy (LOL)