Anything Goes On Sunday: What Is Your Favorite Facebook Group?

Facebook Groups are crushing it to help inspire your future Facebook marketing strategy. Some are more popular than others, more inspiring than others. Some are just for fun and to have a good time. Have you joined a Facebook group that you really love, like? If so, in the comment section below you can leave a link or links -If you like more than one.

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The Importance of Saying Thank You and Being Kind

Being kind to one another is very important for the health of the mind, and thus for our heart, gastrointestinal tract, and our general immune system. Let us not forget that being grateful comes for what we receive either by intent, gift or hard work comes with blessings and for that we should be thankful.

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when a person says Thank You, even though I am just doing my job, it feels great. I also love it when a stranger is polite to me in public, it gives me hope in humanity.

In these “modern” times some people think that because they go to the market and buy things they need, this gives them the right to be served and attended without saying THANK YOU. This could not be further from the truth.

Let us not forget kindness.

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Delicious Cooking Food Idea For You To Be Happy Today: Mexican Shrimp Soup

I love to eat seafood, and this Mexican shrimp soup is definitely one of my favorite ones. This recipe is so versatile that you can change some ingredients for others of your preference.

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Suicide Can Be Preventable Use Strong Love Education Compassion


Suicide can be preventable from infancy. Having caring parents and relatives who really love their children and look out for them, creating an optimal and loving environment for their healthy and happy growth.

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But, even when we have had been raised in loving homes by caring parents, in a healthy social and mental environment bad things happen to good people as we all know: a failed marriage, the death of a loved one, the loss of work or income, a traumatic accident; things that could trigger an acute depression and if not treated immediately it could develop into a severe case of suicidal depression.

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When a friend, a child, a patient, anybody tells us that “I don’t want to live anymore”, or that  “I am going to kill myself tonight or tomorrow”, we have the responsibility as human beings to believe him/her and help in any way possible and as soon as possible.

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However, this almost seems like a difficult dream in the world we live in. But it is not impossible, we have to have hope, always, and have love, for ourselves, our children, our family, and friends.

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Wonders In My Garden: My Orange Tree With Tons Of Fruit!

This year I really took very good care of my urban orchard. I fertilized it, had no diseases, watered it properly, trimmed it at perfect timing. The result is here: so far, I have harvested 108 oranges and still there are probably another hundred to be collected. Oh, and the flavor of them is amazing. They are so sweet and juicy. Delicious!

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Saturday Night For The Free Thinker: The Power Of Free Thinking And Thought

Free thinking is a necessary prelude to an open, progressive, and accepting nation and society. It is essential to have a forum to be able to communicate with them even if it is at the cost of being proved wrong.

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This would help people to think differently, expand the existing horizons of thinking, and to be able to evolve innovative ways to refute or implement new ideas. A spirit of inquiry and a sense of inquisitiveness is important for any community, at an individual and collective level.

“The free thinking of one age is the common sense of the next” – Matthew Arnold