Coco Wins Best Animated Feature

For Coco to win an Oscar is beyond real. It represents the wonderful culture of Mexico and it is supposed to be a love letter to Mexico, celebrating the country of Mexico that is creative, and fun, and exciting, and full of culture, color, love and courage.
One day I hope, we will all live in peace in this beautiful house we call Mother Earth.

Natalia Lafourcade

Fun Fact about King of the Hill and Trill

Daily Prompt: Trill

King of the Hill, a very popular show who has inspired many to enjoy the “Trill City” concept. Shirts, mugs, videos and countless of entry blogs have been made and created, not only in the US, but also in Australia and England.

Reblogged and reposted innumerably, “King of the Trill” was clearly Trill City’s most popular design. The phrase had already been coined by Bun B. He even used it as a mixtape title. Despite the similar sound to Mike Judge’s “King of the Hill”, the connection between the two had never been made popular or even apparent until we put it on the internet.

The portrait of Hank Trill is a great combination. It brings together the cartoon series known for characterizing our state so accurately, with another Texas legacy, “Trill”. The fusion of these two concepts not only makes sense, it is an obvious advancement for fans of rap, animation, humor, and Texas pride. Although clever, it is perhaps lucky that Trill City came up with it first. And while biters should never be condoned, it was inevitable that it would be copied.  King of the Trill