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4 Ideas To Inspire You To Acquire Success in Life


Motivation inspiration post blog dr martha castro noriega mexico tijuana california americas



Motivation inspiration post blog dr martha castro noriega mexico tijuana california americas


Motivation inspiration post blog dr martha castro noriega mexico tijuana california americas

Of course, we can add hundreds of ways more to the list, but it is all up to each one of YOU to know which way is the perfect road to your own success.
May I add, getting away from people who are not at your level of thriving, who are not loyal, and who live in constant drama is another fantastic way to continue your path towards success. I will talk more about this interesting topic in another blog post.

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Honoring Katherine G Johnson NASA Physicist Mathematician

Katherine G. Johnson, a physicist, a mathematician who started high school when she was 10 years old, college when she was 15, she is alive and well at 100 now. She currently lives in Hampton, Virginia.

I want to honor this human computer genius because of what she represents to me: intelligence, character, courage, strength, love for science, for life, for freedom. I just love one of her quotes: “I didn’t feel any segregation. I knew it was there, but I didn’t feel it.” Oh, I forgot to tell you: she is an american woman who was considered “colored computer” when she worked for the NASA back in the fifties (color, gender, race, country patriotism are not that important to me. Intelligence is)

I mention one of her many quotes because that happens to me all the time. While people talk about being discriminated because they are short, fat, thin, black, brown, white, yellow, tall, thin, whatever ( I am sure I fit in many of these “colorful” name-callings), I just care about going on, about to continue with my interests in life: I am focussed. And that is what she was: a focussed-stubborn very smart woman who didn’t waste her time on menial things. She dedicated her mind to science. Political and social hate was put to the side, off the path she walked.

It is an honor to me to walk this earth Mrs. Katherine Johnson walks. It is a privilege to me to live in this earth at the same time Mrs. Johnson lives. 100 years old and she breathes the same air I do. How lucky I am! I send her my most utter respect and admiration for her work to science and exemplary life as a human being.

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American Football Player Freddie Steinmark a True Inspiration for all and for Cancer Patients

I love heroes, men and women who have strong spirits and radiant-brilliant minds, and Freddie Joe Steinmark is one of them. Read more about him below the images.

Freddie Steinmark, an American college football player back in the 60’s. He played at the position of safety for the University of Texas Longhorns. He has inspired millions of people around the globe, patients with cancer or other terminal or incapacitated diseases. He is an inspiration to many, even to people who enjoy good health but want to be stronger everyday.

Yes, I admire him greatly. Last night I was watching the movie about his life: “My All American”. Needless to say I was crying at the end. I was inspired by Freddie’s heart, his powerful mind, his tremendous and furious courage, fearless to pain, always with a smile and kind attitude for everyone around him: a true hero.

He was born January 27, 1949, in Denver Colorado and died at the age of 22 in June 6, 1971, at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas, United States. Diagnosis: Congenital Osteosarcoma (bone cancer).

The amputation of his left leg, from the left hip, and the knowledge that his survival rate after the surgery was about a year, didn’t stop him from living!

OFFICIAL SITE of Freddie Joe Steinmark



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Mercedes Benz Encrusted with Gold and Diamonds


2018 World most expensive $48 million Diamond encrusted Mercedes SL600 Car and 300,000 gold shadow crystal pieces now being displayed in Dubai.
Custom cars are status symbols, and in Dubai the competition is intense. Around 2.2 million people inhabit the city, of which some 26,000 are millionaires or billionaires. This means one in every hundred people in Dubai is sitting pretty on a fortune, and, essentially, being filthy rich isn’t that big of a deal. So, the rich and infamous have to get creative with their cars, in a game of constant one-upmanship.


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