What do You Think Happens After Death?

I am wondering what the prevailing opinions are on this topic. In my opinion the possible options are:

1) An afterlife of some sort.
2) Nothingness
3) Karmic reincarnation.
4) Other?

afterlife dra martha castro tijuana mexio california america

Personally, I hope there’s an afterlife of some sort. But nothing has been proven. The First Law of thermodynamics: “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.”—Einstein, would only “prove” that even mosquitoes would have an afterlife? Or maybe that energy is just different, human energy more evolved, recycled/transformed?

afterlife dra martha castro tijuana mexio california america

There are so many areas to explore, in physics, medicine, biology, chemistry, philosophy. I am currently studying quantum physics, space-time, and these theories make my brain wonder even more about life and death: 1) The Parallel Universes Theory and 2) The String Theory

So, scientifically I don’t have any answers, But I hope there is something amazingly better “out there” that our brains cannot comprehend yet, something that science still needs to explore and discover. Some sort of evolved energy we are transformed to after we die, maybe?

afterlife dra martha castro tijuana mexio california america

Our earth is beautiful indeed. The human body and all living organisms are amazing. But the behavior of humanity can be so disappointing and harmful to many that it would be pointless if this life were the only one we have to.

And if it is, then we should all make the best out of it: treat each other with respect, dignity, kindness and loyalty, I would like to evolve, to continue to live, to extend my and others’ life,

To me, every moment of my life is sacred, I live deeply every emotion and thought, pain and joy, I don’t waste my time believing in unicorns, in fairy tails. I hope, because I don’t fear. But I live, and I do it intensely,

Do you know that when we die helium is released after a very interesting and complex chemical decomposition reactions of the human body and it -helium- goes up to the atmosphere and then to the universe? That is a fact.

That being said, I trust science, but I love philosophy and I love my life too, so I will be a life extension for as long as I live and then, I hope, I can only hope… there is an afterlife of some sort.

But there might not be an afterlife after all. Who knows, nobody does.

Lastly, I want to point something out about Dr, Stephen Hawking, whom I have great admiration for his research in science. However, I respectfully disagree when he referred to computers no having an afterlife. I laughed when I read this, I thought that he was joking (he was a funny guy) so I did some research and nope, he wasn’t being funny at all, he was death serious.

How can anyone compare the human brain with a computer in terms of living or dying? But I will give him the benefit of the doubt since he was a very smart guy… I must be misunderstanding his quote?

When it comes to medicine and biology, I have noticed that most physicists make statements I disagree with, Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson included. Anyways, here is the quote:

afterlife dra martha castro tijuana mexio california america

Dr. Martha Castro, MD