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Saturday For The Freethinker The Ugly People With Defects And God

The ugly and people with defects have no business with God. Beware before you go to church or temple. Make sure you are pretty and with no defects at all, OK?

Levítico 21:17–24 “For the generations to come none of your descendants who has a defect may come near to offer the food of his God. 18 No man who has any defect may come near: no man who is blind or lame, disfigured or deformed; 19 no man with a crippled foot or hand, 20 or who is a hunchback or a dwarf, or who has any eye defect, or who has to fester or running sores or damaged testicles.” 

COMMENTARY: Isn´t it said in the bible that god made all humanity in his image? So, he is beautiful then. And who made the ugly and the people with defects, born or gotten during life? Another of the thousands of contradictions of the bible.


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Anything Goes On Sunday: Closed Minded People Are Not Truthful

Close minded people are not truthful, because being “right” is more important to them, no matter what.

And I don´t care if they are religious, irreligious, theist, atheist, or what ever. Unfortunately closed minded people come in many labels, believers and non-beliviers, etc, etc, etc. Human condition?

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Saturday Night For The Freethinker: Hypocrisy

I am so tired and fed up with religion today, every day, but especially today. All the hate religion causes is wrapped with hypocrisy.

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All religions promote “love” … wars, hate crimes, etc

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religion god anti theist living dra martha castro noriega tijuana

The ignorance of religion

religion god anti theist living dra martha castro noriega tijuana
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Saturday Night For The Freethinker 4 Signs You Are Born A Freethinker Part 2

1. You are brilliant and NEVER STOP asking WHY

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2. You are the pope of your own life:  As a free-thinker, you live by your own set of rules, and NO ONE,  not even your beloved mother, can tell you to live otherwise. You came by your beliefs through your own experience and curiosity. You tested them and they stood up to your tests. It’s impossible for you to kowtow to religious or secular bylaws created to control people.

3. You understand that there are many ways to see the world

4. You have fun! Free-thinkers don’t take things too seriously when they don’t have to. It’s fun to wrap your head around new ideas. It’s fun to try new things. It’s fun to eat new foods. Life is full of adventures and free thinkers are up for the adventure.

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Religion, Believing The Unproven Does It Help to Be Happy? Part 1

I don’t eat peanut butter. I find it repulsive and will go out of my way to not eat things with peanut butter.

People have often told me that I’m missing out. That food is so much better with peanut butter. “You’ve never had a Reese’s Cup? Or a PB&J? How can you be happy without having had peanut butter?”

The answer is, I’m plenty happy because it’s not important to me. It’s not something I require. I had my taste and quickly realized that I wasn’t missing out at all.

When someone asks “Can you be happy without believing in God?” what they’re really saying is “I don’t think I could be happy without believing in God.”

They’re projecting their feelings about religion onto others. They’re assuming their experiences are the only experiences.

We all do it to some extent, but it’s important to recognize that just because someone requires religion to be happy, that doesn’t mean that others do. I’m actually happier not believing in any religion? What if I asked you how you could be happy while being religious.

People might think that’s funny. That it seems obvious how being religious makes them happier.

It’s the same for me. Of course, I’m happy without believing in any religion—and why couldn’t you be?

The religious God is a PB&J and I don’t need either of them to be happy. But that’s just me.

How can anyone oppose the non-existent, and debate it fervently on the Internet? It is a waste of time. The radical and fanatical religious will never try to understand, they will never have an open mind. 

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Saturday Night For The Freethinker: Forgiveness For Everyone From Heaven (Dark Humor)

But most likely the traumatic event would’ve caused Timmy to stop believing, and Timmy would be burning in hell forever.

I always ask this to believers, and they have no good response.

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Saturday Night For The Freethinker: Freethought Of The Day

Religion Is A Medieval Idea:

I just can’t comprehend how is it that there are so many religions, and so many people buying into them. Is it denial, pure ignorance, or both?