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I Love Bacteria …. the Good Kind Though

Yes, there is always good and bad in all, isn’t? And bacteria is not the exception.

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Our bodies have different tissues full of excellent microbes that help us fight the bad ones. It is so important that we take care and preserve this kind, helpful and faithful bacteria, so we can have an army of healthy tiny micro bio-soldiers for the attack of the bad ones when necessary.

good bacteria dra martha castro noriega

In fact, you couldn’t survive without some bacteria!  Good ones help digest your food and fight invading microbes.  Also, they are used in making some of the dairy products you like to eat and also some types of medicines!  It is one of the best decomposers – they break down dead and decaying organic matter, from leaves to insects. 

good bacteria dra martha castro noriega

Best of all, it is being used to clean up oil spills to keep your environment healthy too.

good bacteria dra martha castro noriega


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Swearing in Your Blog Post Good Bad or Funny? Here Is a List of Some Swear Words.

Bad words, swearing, would you use them once in a while in your post? Some say that there’s nothing to lose by keeping things clean. In contrast, swearing will surely bother some people – so why take that risk?

Others encourage you to be yourself and embrace who you are. For many people, holding back is essentially a form of censorship; in fact, it is said that those who swear are more honest than those who don’t.

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I thought about some swearing words I know and made a list, but I wanted to get more, so I went to a political forum where I know there are many of subscribers who swear a lot in their comments (it is permmited in that forum to do it). But sometimes, just for fun, would you do it? Would you swear just a bit?

swering dr martha castro noriega

Some swearing words are not that bad, but others are so insulting that I do not think I would ever use them, ever, not in my blog, not in person. So here there is a list of some that are not the worst ones though.

swering dr martha castro noriega

Damn, Crap, Bloody, Sod, Bugger, Git, Arse, Bint, Munter, Minger, Balls, Arsehole, Bullshit, Pist, Shit, Shithole.

Bitch, Son of a Bitch, Bollocks, Belend, Tit, Prick, Dick, Twat, Punami, Bastard, Dickhead, Wanker…the worst words that come to mind are so disgraceful I wouldn’t even refer to them at all. Freedom of speech is great, but it has to have some boundries.

swering dr martha castro noriega


Is it ever okay to swear on your blog and/or general website content? In my opinion, it all depends. Know your audience, pick your battles, and go with common sense. After all, you probably wouldn’t swear inside of a church full of people, correct?

What’s your damn opinion? 😂

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Understanding How Stress Works in Your Life: When it is Good, Until it is Not!

Stress in your life:


It is important to note that not all stress is bad. Everyone experiences a certain amount of stress on an almost daily basis, and it cannot be completely eliminated.


Stress becomes a problem when too much is experienced, and it has a negative impact on behaviors, relationships, and health. 



The term “eustress” refers to positive stress that is associated with improved performance and productivity. “Distress” is negative stress that is associated with performance decrement and negative health consequences.

The individual’s perception of the stressor and coping resources determine whether a situation is eustress or distress.



Some physical signs of stress can often be mistaken to be symptoms of some other issue. So listen closely to what your body is trying to tell you.