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Breakfast This Morning: Divorced Eggs Fruit And Surprise Pics!

Divorced eggs?! Whaaaat? Funny, huh? And it is because they are served on the same plate with different sauces on top of them, usually green and red on a bed of french fries or two tortillas with two slices of ham. They are delicious!


I leave you with these pictures to make you feel like you are sitting right there enjoying the beautiful panorama. Isn’t it gorgeous? It’s Cancún 2019

REMEMBER: Enjoy today, feel the moment. After all, the now is all the time we have. So there…be happy!  😊


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Riviera Maya Jazz Festival 2018 Music Art and My Own Poem to Earth

This year’s Riviera Maya Jazz Festival was held in the Mexican Caribbean paradise known as Playa del Carmen, in Quintana Roo, south of Cancun, Mexico.

Cenote Hubiku Tulum Riviera Maya

My Own Poem To Music and Earth

From November 30 to December 2nd the greatest exponents of this fantastic musical genre jazz enlightened a part of earth and its inhabitants with celestial musical notes, with magisterial interpretations that took the listeners to the highest levels of heaven on earth. The joy in each assistant was obvious.

We could feel each note penetrating our soul with tenderness sometimes, others, with majestic savage rhythm, making us gleeful in the middle of paradise, the sea waves sound seemed to touch the music coming out the instruments and vocal cords of the musicians and singers. The palm trees were dancing to this marry-making of glorious sounds.

What a celebration to life this was

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