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What To Blog On US Election Day Biden VS Trump?


Yes, I listen to the news around the world. From Japan to Australia, Germany, Italy, France, all Europe, Latin America. The whole world is watching one of the most important elections of our times. The future of United States of America is going to affect not only the American people, but also everyone around the world, even, when many of those people may live now from local trade and or production.



But, what to blog about today?

  1. Inspirational or motivational post?
  2. Food or travel?
  3. OK, what to blog about when you don’t really like to blog about politics unless there is something totally corrupt and wrong going on that affects the lives of children, the elderly, the disabled, the weak and the strong, human life, all people, everybody’s lives and livelihoods.
  4. Well, that is me: I do not like to blog about politics, because it is not my expertise, unless, anybody in the political arena of the world is hurting humanity ‘lives in anyway.
  5. Oh, I know, I can blog about economics. That is something I know about, and frankly, I know a lot. I am a financial investor. But still, many people think that they know economics, medicine, mechanics, even physics because, they say: “I Googled it”!
  6. So, nuh. What for? If they like Trump is because they think Trump is going to “make money for us”. If Biden…, if Independent, If… well, everyone has her/his own right to their political opinion.
  7. The only thing I would tell everybody is this: don’t ever let anybody take your dignity away, nobody.
  8. TRUTH: The US is in deep deep financial trouble, and so it is the whole wide world. If some people still in denial, it is because they have had their heads buried in the sand for long time!
  9. We can all enjoy life, live a healthy and happy life, even in times of trouble, only if we are brave enough to keep our dignity and respect for ourselves and each other.
  10. Hey, I just made a blog post! 😎