Family Walk Enjoying a Beautiful Day, Love is in the Air – A #381

Family, the most important thing in life. Loyalty, support, caring, no judgement and acceptance of one another.

I see these beautiful birds and I see love in the air.




The adults: mom and dad, one in the front and the other in the back. The children in the middle are being taking care of. Breathtaking!


family love







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Food Art for a Beautiful Relaxing Sunday – A #369


Creating wonderful art with nature is a masterpiece for the eyes to admire. It looks so good, would you eat it?


Filippo Tommaso Marinetti was the first artist in the modern era to think of the preparation and consumption of food as art. The avant-garde Futurist movement, formed by Marinetti and other artists in Milan in 1909, embraced the industrial age and all things mechanical—from automobiles and planes to manufacturing methods and city planning. They thought cooking and dining, so central to everyone’s day-to-day lives, should also be central to their farsighted, far-out ideals.



food art



10 Things I Hate About Christmas

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10 things i hate about christmas

10 Things I hate about Christmas

  • 1. I hate it that original Claymation Christmas stories have gone out of fashion!
  • 2. I hate it that I can only find the best Christmas candy cane ONLY this time of the year.
  • 3. People calling Xmas decorations “decs”. Nearly as bad as writing “Xmas”
  • 4.  I dislike it that we only have a major family (from all over the world) get-together in these holidays.


  • 5. Struggling to find the perfect gift for everyone…especially for those who I call the “Perfect Gift People”
  • 6. I definitely do not like it that my cats and kitties destroy my tree and tree ornaments EVERY YEAR! ( haha )

christmas hate 2018

  • 7. I dislike it that Santa Clause come home only around Christmas Eve. He should work more often, spreading the jolly feeling through out the year!
  • 8. I don’t like it that I can only put my snow globes on display one time a year. I mean, I could have them all year round but it’d ruin the magic, huh?
  • 9. Since I am a bit impatient, I don’t enjoy wrapping Christmas gifts. It can take a lot of time (lack of practice lol)

  • 10. Where do you stand on egg nog: do you love it or hate it?

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my patients, my website subscribers, contacts and followers all over the digital world.    🎄🎋🎇🎍🎄🎁

You are a blessing in my life and I wish for you and your loved ones a jolly time full with love and perfect health.


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Munich Oktoberfest 2018 Food and Beer

This speciality is served in all the big festival tents. There is actually not much room for experimenting, because the guests want the roast pork exactly like it’s done in Bavaria: with potato dumplings, sauerkraut and, of course, a lot of gravy.

Roast Pork for Connoiseurs and Epicures

The only exception that one can recommend with a clear conscience is exchanging the potato dumplings for bread dumplings. Many locals go on an excursion to the festival field on the Wiesn Sundays to eat roast pork with their families.

GefĂŒllter Spießbraten (Stuffed Pork Roast)

The Bavarian traditions can be enjoyed in special style at lunch time, accompanied by regional brass music in the beer tents. Whether the meat is served with crackling or without is left to the cook’s preferences.

MĂŒnchner Aufschnitt (MĂŒnich Cold Cuts)

Fun Messy Food Family Friends and lots of Dancing


One of the most Valuable Habits you can have is to Live in the Present

“To live in the present is to acquire peace in your heart,
It is to admire nature and the moments you spend in this life.
Appreciating your family time
for each second we share, never apart” —MACN© 

 –Dra. Martha A. Castro Noriega©


Rescued Kitty Cat Brings Joy to all Members of my Family

I found this beautiful kitten, abandoned, with lots of fleas, dehydrated, malnourished in the middle of a very hot  day, with a temperature of 86 to 90 degrees. But now he has a home, lots of food, a roof over his head, protection, much love and lots of humans and cats to be and play with.

I am so grateful with the universe for bringing this angel to my life. For he won’t feel hunger nor fear anymore for the rest of his life.

I Love You Little Angel

I placed this shoe size 7 to have an idea of how small he is:

He is so skinny now but he is eating, drinking and resting.

Scientists Just Discovered a Brand New Part of Sperm That Could Explain Infertility in Men

I know that the title is kind of redundant when mentioning sperm and men in the same line. I wrote it like that to make sure Google crawls it the right way. You know, we humans still way smarter than the Google robots -now, you are supposed to smile, or laugh 🙂

Hiding in plain sight.
Sperm has been having a tough time lately. The concentration per ejaculate is getting lower, scientists have created an artificial version that could one day replace it, and to make matters worse, common household products might affect the quality of the little guys.

“Abnormalities in the formation and function of the atypical centriole may be the root of infertility of unknown cause in couples who have no treatment options available to them,” Tomer Avidor-Reiss, from Toledo’s Department of Biological Sciences, said in a press release.

“It also may have a role in early pregnancy loss and embryo development defects.”

You need two centrioles to make the working centrosome, and until now it was thought that the sperm provided one centriole to the egg, and then duplicated itself.