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Saturday Night For The Freethinker: The Right To Question Everything

It’s our responsibility as conscientious human beings with a heathy brain to question everything. This is how we inform ourselves, grow, evolve, and get smarter everyday.

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Many people are so gullible that tend to believe everything that is fed to them through MSM, social media, politics, religion, etc. And they follow like sheep. One of the main problems I have noticed is the mental fanaticism and radicalism in people.

It is my opinion that no matter if someone believes with fanaticism in any god or behaves like an atheist zealot, then that person tend to absorbe the wrong information, create false thoughts, and make wrong decisions.

There are many religions that oppress, spread fear or hope (heaven or hell for example), to control and stop you from questioning their beliefs, and make you follow. Atheists extremists can be a pain in the buttocks too. They think that they are always right because they support their lack of belief on science (evolution).

So you see, having an open mind and being more of a centrist, a free thinker, is always a more conscientious way to live without causing damage to yourself or others.

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Saturday Night For The Free Thinkers: OSHO And His 93 Roll Royce Cars!

osho religion god man dr martha castro noriega mexico

I cannot understand for the life of me, how is it that a “man” like this one made hundreds of millions of dollars pretending that he was a “god-man”, a spiritualist, a freedom maker of the people, blah, blah, blah.

osho religion god man dr martha castro noriega mexico

OSHO, also known as Rajneeshpuram, as Acharya Rajneesh, as Bhagwan Shri Rajneesh, is dead now, but he evaded jail in the US back in 1985, went back to India and died in 1990 al the age of 58. He was using an enormity amount of milligrams of Valium a day, and he was enraged because his personal secretary, Sheela, robbed him of 55 million dollars. Anyways, you can find more about him here here here.

osho religion god man dr martha castro noriega mexico

What I cannot understand is how in the world people still follow his “teachings” in Facebook and other media outlets, and share his ridiculous quotes. Why people, why? Do not make idiots famous and richer and greedier. That is why there are many politicians and religious fanatics around the world who manage to rob people not only of their money, but their dignity, their freedom, and in some cases, even their lives, like in the Guyana case.

osho religion god man dr martha castro noriega mexico

There are a lot of con artists in the world, there always have been, but now the conning spreads faster because of the digital world social media. People want to make a quick buck or simply fool you just because. Do me a favor: do your own diligence and investigate, do your own research, not once nor twice, but three or four times until you find a credible source.

Investigate Before You Share Or Retweet.