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Good Morning To All Just Telling You It Is Nice To Be Alive

It is nice to be alive, and well. To be able to enjoy the pleasures of life, and learn from the pains that we all go through at some point in our lives.

Grow, run, pause, walk, think, fly, learn, forget, love, write, sing, dance… oh goodness, it is beautiful to have two eyes and be able to see the forest, the beach, the trees, to see nature, the entire world. It’s wonderful to be alive.

In the meantime, I will proceed to drink my cup of coffee and enjoy every single sip of it.

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Good Morning in 4 Funniest Ways!

Great day, hope, laughs, health and prosperity for all!

good morning

You  can make it happen if you just try once more, and then a little more, once step at a time if you are tired (but do not give up).

If you are full of energy: GO FOR IT

Every morning you have two choices:

1- Continue to sleep with dreams … 

2- Or wake up and chase them!