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4 Great Travel Apps You Need and You will Love



The Packpoint app is a great way of ensuring that you have everything that you need for your upcoming trip whether that is a weekend away, a family adventure or a business trip.

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This is by far the most important thing you could possibly use while you are traveling anywhere in the world.  It’s those moments that you connect to a public wifi to find out where you are and how you can purchase a ticket that leaves all your information vulnerable.

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“Not all of my friends and family are into social media, making it a struggle to stay connected while abroad” – says Caitlin from Back Again Cait.

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Citymapper is aimed at commuters, so you know you’re only getting the best travel advice within a city. The app gives you all the options to get around a city, from car sharing to buses or trains. 

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Learning Friday: Long Covid 19 Symptoms Of Long-Hauler Patients

All these symptoms can reduce the quality of life of the patient:

Long Covid is a range of symptoms that continue for weeks or months beyond the initial illness. It can happen to any Covid-19 patient, including those who were not hospitalized. Some patients develop medical complications that may have lasting health effects.

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Volcano Eruptions Chile 2021 Year Update!

Overall, 43 volcanoes were in continuing eruption status as of 24 June 2021.

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When Calbuto erupted in 2015, it prompted the evacuation of roughly 4,000 citizens from nearby cities and villages in Chile.

The incredible shot of the rare phenomenon, captured above Calbuco volcano in southern Chile, won first prize in ‘The Perfect Moment’ photo competition.

The volcano overlooks the cities of Puerto Montt and Puerto Varas, which have a combined population of roughly 250,000 people. It had last erupted in 1972, so authorities were somewhat surprised by the outburst. Calbuco is a stratovolcano (also known as a composite volcano), and these are best known for having explosive eruptions.

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Learning Wednesday: Science Knowledge And Wisdom

Learning science, practicing it, understanding it, loving it! I also cherish many scientists who have given us the pleasure of expanding our way of living and our mental horizons and who have worked tirelessly to better humanity. So here there are some quotes from one of the so many scientists that I deeply admire.

“The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom.” — Isaac Asimov

I am not a speed reader. I am a speed understander.” — Isaac Asimov ”

“There is a single light of science, and to brighten it anywhere is to brighten it everywhere.” — Isaac Asimov

“Suppose that we are wise enough to learn and know – and yet not wise enough to control our learning and knowledge so that we use it to destroy ourselves? Even if that is so, knowledge remains better than ignorance .” — Isaac Asimov

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Learning Wednesday: Rheumatoid Arthritis Part 1

As Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) begins to affect your body, small joints like your fingers and toes may become warm, stiff, or swollen. These symptoms may come and go and can last a few days or a few weeks.

If not treated adequately, RA can have a significant impact on a patient’s daily life. 60% of people who have RA but are not receiving effective treatment may be unable to work after 10 years.  

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Everything Goes On Sunday: Rare Images And What Not

This was way before Google Earth. This photo was the first ever to be taken from outer space, showing planet Earth through the lens of a 35-millimeter camera that was attached to a missile. This first picture of Earth from space was taken in 1946 aboard a V-2 rocket, but it was grainy and barely recognizable as Earth.

This gas-proof carriage was designed after the British were afraid that Nazi Germany would poison the population with a toxic gas attack.

From 1920-1933, Alcohol was banned in the United States. Before that, beer and all that was legal so you can imagine the disappointment of these men when alcohol was taken away from them! Riots, hahaha.

American psycho poses with Christian Bale

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The Soul Of Earth: Mother Nature (Part 12) Have A Glorious Weekend!

Climate change is a reality. Earth has gone through climate change cycles throughout millennia, and now, the +7,861,040,000 (billions) people in the world are experiencing this change.

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Manufacturing Corporations around the world are the ones that have been destroying the quality of nature, air, and water. Big international manufacturing corporations (from all over the world) are the guilty ones, but, they want to put the guilt on us, citizens. No, it is on them, not on us. They are awfully greedy. They dump their toxic waste in rivers and lakes and air. These corporations don’t care about the earth and well being of humanity.

Thirty-two million pounds of toxic waste dumped into Ohio River each year

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We, as responsible humans need to do everything in our power to stop them from keeping on polluting our beautiful earth and all nature in it.

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There is hope. I know that. Because we all, individually have the best interest in making out of this earth, a wonderful place to live.

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Learning Wednesday: Where Covid Goes

The novel coronavirus has shown us to be able to infiltrate just about every millimeter of the human body, from the brain to the heart and lungs, into the intestines, and right down to the toes, causing an extreme variety of symptoms ranging from discomfort to fatal. It’s a list that we, doctors expect to grow even longer.

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