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Beauty and Magic in the Making Chanel Perfume No 5

Making the essence of a perfume involves scientific knowledge and artistic qualities.

To come up with a wonderful combination that can transport our mind to a sublime paradise by using the sense of smell, requires an intellect of a genius.

Flowers are essential. In addition to flowers, also fruits, spices, resins, leaves, gums, balsams, and even grasses are used to make a perfume.

High-end luxury brands, such as Chanel, for instance, own their own flower fields to make sure they have enough product, with high quality for their perfumes.

METHOD: Extraction of oils, Blending of oils, Aging process

Fields of Chanel


Chanel Perfume


Extraction of the Oils of the Flowers



Aging Process







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Dr Ford VS Kavanaugh Sexual Assault

As a human being, as a woman, as a survivor and as a Medical Doctor I stand behind Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, PhD one hundred percent. Sexual abuse still is a taboo. It has to end. Let’s talk about it, educate everybody around the world about this heinous crime. The survivors should not be embarrassed, the perpetrators should.

Kavanaugh should withdraw the nomination. All rapists and sexual abusers of any kind should be exposed as the crime perpetrators they are. All women and men, girls and boys who have been sexually abused should be believed immediately when reporting the assault to family members or to the law. They should be respected and receive all the support available in their country where the sexual abuse took place.

MeToo Movement



MeToo Movement


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Dominant or Recessive Body Traits

via Daily Prompt: Dominant

Do you have a dominant eye color or is your eye color recessive?  All of your traits that you have are either dominant or they are recessive. Dominant means that the trait will always show up no matter what.  Recessive genes cannot show with a dominant gene present.

Recessive means that the trait will only show if there is no dominant gene there. If your hair is blonde then your trait for hair is recessive. You would have no genes for dark hair. Since you have two genes for every trait you have, one from your father and one from you mother, you would have gotten two genes for light hair if you were a blonde. You could not have been blonde if you had one gene for dark hair and one for light hair. This is because dark is dominant.