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Anything Goes On Sunday: Watching Chucky Movie 1988

I’m an avid movie, series, documentaries watcher. I want to watch, again, the Chucky scary doll movies, Child’s Play, The Cult, The Curse, and the rest of them, in order of release by date.

The doll’s face is absolutely funny, and scary when it gets mad, oh so horrific. I would like to be able to make the same dreadful look when somebody makes me mad, huh?

Lights off!

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Everything Goes On Sunday: Futuristic Movie Timeline

Are you ready for Soylent Green, 2022?

In the matrix, it was their best guess what year it was. They weren’t exactly sure and the calculated estimated time was 2100. It could’ve easily been 2300, but the year didn’t matter considering the current situation.

I don’t think we are going to make it to the planet of the apes at the rate we’re going lol. We have already experienced ideocracy and continue to experience idiocracy. Many didn’t survive, like The Puritans in Massachussets in the 1600’s

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Charlie Chaplin 4 Comedy Videos – for You to Be Happy Today !

I am a huge fan of Charlie Chaplin. He truly was a genius. I don’t know how one man could write, produce, direct, star in and compose such BEAUTIFUL music for his movies.

I really wish I could have known him. I also have great compassion for the life he had to endure growing up. It just breaks my heart. You can see the sadness in his eyes that he carried with him all his life. He is more than worth watching…he is amazing…!

The Kid- Charlie Chaplin Best Scenes

Food Fight – So Funny!

Modern Times – Rolling Skating Video

The Gold Rush – Eating his Shoe

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