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Saturday For The Free Thinker With Ralph Waldo Emerson

Excellent when we are intelligent enough to have a thought, express it, and be ready to be contradicted. Listen, analyze it, and discuss it. You will be surprised by all the knowledge you will get from this.

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Some People Only Will Appreciate You By…

…losing you. The older you get, the more you realize it’s not about who knows you the longest, it’s about who brings out your inner child, speaks your love language, makes you love yourself more, and loves you on the days you don’t feel loveable.

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They Ignore You Until…

…they need you. How many times have we experienced this? Probably many, right? The thing is not to let them use you or abuse you when they come back to you for a favor. Just let them go back to where they came from, and empty-handed. You will feel awesome once you don’t see them again.

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Climb Every Mountain Inspiring Song Shirley Basey Video


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I watched Barbra Streisand concert, delightful voice, BUT, Barbara Streisand misunderstood this or decided to change the meaning of the song. She sang a song from the “Sound Of Music”. (My favorite version is with one of my best-loved singers of all times: Dame Shirley Bassey). I have a problem with a part of the lyrics.

climb every mountain music inspiration dra martha castro mexico

I will tell you first a little bit of my musical experience so you know why I dare to criticize (in a constructive way, of course) the lyrics and Barbara Sreisand.

Barbra Streisand lacks that philosophy heart and didn’t put it together correctly. She was the director of her own concert, and this was a flaw of hers

climb every mountain music inspiration dra martha castro mexico

I happen to be a musician. I play the guitar and sing very well, actually. I sang professionally in my youth to pay for my medical career.

climb every mountain music inspiration dra martha castro mexico

I studied music, singing lessons and musical composicion: music and lyrics, in Bellas Artes in Mexico City. So I think I have a very good idea of what I am talking about, but I am always open for a healthy debate and to change my mind if somebody is willing to explain to me why I am wrong in my assertion about this song:

The problem I have with, is highlighted and I will tell you why below the lyrics:

Climb every mountain
Ford every stream
Follow every rainbow
‘Till you find your dream

It should say “reach” your dream, not find your dream. You already need to have had found your dream, this is “know” your dream, then climb every mountain, until you reach it.

And I don’t see any problem with the rhyme. Changing the word find to reach would not affect the tune nor the octaves, but it would make a lot more sense, and it would have more psychological and inspirational impact, in my opinion.

What do you think?