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Elon Musk in Trouble Again 2020. The Most Expensive Joke in History Elon Musk Bankrupcy 2018


Elon Musk Dr Martha Castro Tijuana

Elon Musk’s brother Kimbal made more than $8 million selling Tesla shares 2 days before he bought them REFERENCE LINK


TESLA (TSLA) has lost 5.83% of its shares value only today, when a year ago TSLA stocks were $ 389.61 now they e are $ 251.74.Elon Musk decided to have some “fun” with his 20 million Twittr followers and unknown number of investors.

Elon Musk Dr Martha Castro Tijuana

Meanwhile, assuring that this stupid joke is tomorrow’s reality, on Sunday, the NTSB said it was “unhappy” that Tesla made public information about the crash of its Model X vehicle on Autopilot that killed the driver last month.