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Anything Goes On Sunday God-Given Rights In Tik-Tok

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Anything Goes On Sunday George Carlin And Shoes

George Carlin was a master of humor, sarcastic, cinic, delightfully honest, painfully sincere for others. For me, he was the person who opened my mind about religion with his colorful criticism. His dark comedy, priceless!

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Pingback Links of the Day: Making Life Better One Blog at a Time

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Pingback links are fun, especially when they belong to wonderful people who have great ideas, stories to tell, thoughts, activities, hobbies, knowledge, feelings to share in a blog. I appreciate their constant writing, their likes, interesting comments, and the blogging interaction we are building day by day.

So, from now on I am going to make one or two posts a month with some awesome pingback links of my followers in WordPress.

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Anything Goes On Sunday: What Is Your Favorite Facebook Group?

Facebook Groups are crushing it to help inspire your future Facebook marketing strategy. Some are more popular than others, more inspiring than others. Some are just for fun and to have a good time. Have you joined a Facebook group that you really love, like? If so, in the comment section below you can leave a link or links -If you like more than one.

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