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Madonna Destroyed Her Face Grammys 2023

Madonna and the Grammys 2023 plastic surgery destroyed her face dra martha andrea castro noriega tijuana mexico

Whoever is doing her work these days is not the best plastic surgeon in the business. Maybe Madonna was never going to age naturally and gracefully, but there is a massive gap between “aging naturally” and whatever this is. As I do find it sad.

I’m not criticizing Madonna for changing her look, because she has that right. For me, it’s more sadness that she’s just taken it way too far, deep into uncanny valley territory. No lie, that picture made me gasp out loud. She looks like Jigsaw.

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Dra. Martha A Castro Noriega: Contact Me for Quality and Better Medicine For All – Medical Consultation, Surgery, Telehealth

dra martha a castro noriega tijuana mexico doctora medicina familia

I am a Certified Medical Doctor by the WORLD MEDICAL ASSOCIATION (WMA).

I am a Registered Medical Doctor in the country of Mexico by the DGP (DIRECCION GENERAL DE PROFESIONES) of the SEP OF THE GOVERNMENT OF MEXICO

I am a registered MÉDICO COLEGIADO in the State of Baja California for 29 years. I have been practicing medical science for 34 years.

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Dra. Martha A. Castro Noriega, MD TM