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My 8 Favorite Scary Medical Doctors Ever!

halloween 2019 dra martha castro noriega tijuana baja california mexico usa

First of all: Happy Halloween to all of you who enjoy celebrating holidays as much as I do. I celebrate everything, if I can and my time allows it, I do celebrate holidays of all cultures and countries since we have a cultural diversity at home: White-Anglo-Saxon, American, Mexican, Spanish, Italian, and German. Soon to be added to this beautiful family of mine, Asian!

halloween 2019 dra martha castro noriega tijuana baja california mexico usa

So, we get to celebrate Halloween and “El Día de Los Muertos” (The Day of the Dead) these coming days. The first one is mainly of Celtic origin in Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Northern France. The second one is, guess from where? Yes, you guessed right: Mexican.

halloween 2019 dra martha castro noriega tijuana baja california mexico usa

This year we decided to get together, have dinner, talk, enjoy each other’s company, and watch scary movies. This year movies will have a topic: The Scariest Medical Doctors of all Time!

  1. Dr. Giggles (Dr. Giggles, 1992)
  2. Dr. Henry Jekyll (Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde) 
  3. Dr. Frankenstein (Frankenstein, first appearance 1931)
  4. Dr. Jack Griffin (The Invisible Man, 133)
  5. Dr. Caligari (The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, 1920 and 2005)
  6. Dr. Abraham Van Helsing (Dracula, first appearance 1931)
  7. Dr. Loomis (Halloween, first appearance 1978)
  8. Dr. Hannibal Lecter (The Silence of the Lambs, 1991)
halloween 2019 dra martha castro noriega tijuana baja california mexico usa

Dr. Martha Castro Noriega, MD

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Donald Trump Radicalization In America – With UPDATES-

1. House to Move to Impeach Trump After Push to Have Pence Remove Him From Office

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she will introduce a resolution on Monday; ‘We will act with urgency’

2. House to call on Pence and Cabinet to use 25th Amendment and move to impeach Trump

I saw this coming long time ago, and made a post about it last June 2020: Link>>READ HERE

When you allow the beast to rule, you create more hate and destruction. Extremist content on the web was raw material for the riot and insurrection that happened last January 6.

Now, -link>> the US Capitol Hill is gated in, there is less freedom for the people who respect the law to get close to such a beautiful and historic building, but a necessary measure to keep the domestic terrorists outside and protect the US Capitol edifice and the human beings (lawmakers, cleaning personal, secretaries, general help, etc) who work there.

We have to ask ourselves: Who is responsible for this? The pro-Trump media is part of the problem, that is for sure, but also the people who believe Trump’s lies and conspiracy theories. Now I wonder if this attack on life and freedom by Trump and Trump enablers is going to stop here or it’s going to continue and grow.

There are already 128 lawmakers who are radicalized. even after the terror on Capitol Hill happened and 5 people died, including one police officer. They voted for the objections to decertify some of the electoral votes. This was promoted by Trump.

Domestic terrorists making fun of precious history in Capitol Hill

It is very dangerous to have so many radicalized lawmakers, very dangerous for the future of the United States of America. I hope and wish that people, in their great wisdom, can vote them out before anything else or worse happens.

The green, white and black flag is based on a design similar to a Nazi flag.

“Take care of yourselves and each other, please” DRAMACN

CONCLUSION: Years of trump lies culminated in bloodshed.