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TikTok Delicious Recipe Post



Delicious for 2 people… enjoy and keep yourself active @michelelpruitt @lalucharosaritobc @dezeyerz #foodies #sweet #cookin

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102 Years Old Woman “I am Marvelous”

102 years old: MILLIE BAILEY
“I am Marvelous” by Shiloh Sophia

“Today I choose.
I have chosen to be the queen of my kingdom.
To name me as the ruler of my life.
I will not wait for the approval of others.
I choose to listen to this big heart within me.
I have chosen to occupy this space in this Universe.
I don’t keep my gifts hidden any longer.
I don’t allow fear to hinder my greatness.
I have chosen to be as wonderful as I truly am.
I don’t judge myself for the path I have not yet taken, or for the way I have behaved so far.
I choose to forgive myself and release the old stories
to make room for new stories, for legends to emerge.
I will not abandon my dreams and visions.
I will think with my thoughts.
I chose to fall in love with who I am, as I am, right now.
To embrace the messy and wonderful world inside of me.
I won’t diminish my light, one more day. You hear me now.
I let go of the shadows. I open my hands. I open my heart.
I choose to see myself, and to be seen by you too.
I choose to see myself as everything, holy, worthy, and wildly me.
This is more than enough. I chose to be scandalous!
Being Wonderful is not a defect.
It’s a choice.

You hear me now.
Are you ready for this? I am. Today I choose.
I have chosen to be Wonderful!”
– Shiloh Sophia


My Beautiful Bird Station This Summer 2021

I love Summer, the sun, the warmth, flowers, butterflies, bees, the tropics rejoice and the wind caresses my face. Birds singing and calling each other, vegetables growing and ready for harvest. Everything around me screams LIFE!

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