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How Do You Love To Celebrate Your Birthday?

Yes, we are born, aren’t we? Grow up a few months and then, 365 days later: BAM! Parents and grandparents decide to celebrate your first birthday on this earth, “a special day” they call it, a day none of us remember!

Needless to say: years go by, suddenly you are 7 and you want some presents for your birthday: mainly toys. When you are 16 things change, now you want to spend it with your friends, have a teenage party. Two or three years go by, now you are 18 or 19 and you want to celebrate your birthday with your sweetheart.

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If everything goes fine in your life and you are “lucky” enough to grow older, the twenties, thirties, forties….fifties anyone?! Then what? How do you really want to celebrate your birthday?