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My Favorite Quotes Of The Day: About Love And Suffering From Little House On The Praire

“Suffering passes, while love is eternal —Laura Ingalls

Such a short quote, but it contains so much wisdom. We wouldn’t know this until we suffer, then we forget when good times arrive and dance and sing, forgetting the pain that struggles our hearts and weakened our bodies. Then, suffering comes again, and it is important to remember that LOVE IS ETERNAL. Eternal for me, can be just a glorious minute, an hour, a month, a year. But as long as it is love, It is worth it to go through the posterior suffering that for sure, will come…and pass.

Love yourselves. It’s much important you do it every day. But remember that while suffering passes, having suffered, never passes.

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One Day at a Time Original TV Series 1975 Phenomenal!

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I’ve been having a good time watching “One Day at a Time”. It has a great story about a mom -Ann Romano- who moved out on her own with her two teenage daughters: the rebellious Julie and the wisecracking Barbara. Ann Romano, fantastically played by Bonnie Franklin.


one day dra martha castro noriega tijuana california los angeles mexico


I love the premise of the show: a divorcee mom with two daughters not being afraid of making it in the world alone, feeling free, hopeful, happy and strong.
I don’t know if you, reader, have watched this tv show, if you haven’t and you like to have a good time with your family, I recommend you see it.


Another thing I adore about this series is the theme song: 



One Day at a Time premiered on December 16, 1975 and ended in 1984; 9 seasons. It was best known as a staple of the CBS Sunday-night lineup, along with Archie Bunker’s Place, Alice and The Jeffersons.

one day dra martha castro noriega tijuana california los angeles mexico

Ann frequently struggles with maintaining her role as mother while affording her daughters the freedom she never had as a young woman. David Kane, Ann’s divorce lawyer and neighbor, takes a romantic interest in her, but she isn’t ready to remarry. Dwayne Schneider, the building’s quirky superintendent (most often referred to only by his last name), provides usually-unwanted advice to the tenants.


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Fantastic Word of the Day: Boundaries – Grey’s Anatomy Season 1 Ep 2

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As all of you know, one of the tv shows I love to watch is Grey’s Anatomy. One of the many things I like from this show are Meredith’s monologues. Here is one for a wonderful sunday reflexion.


Word of the day: BOUNDARIES


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“At some point you have to make a decision. Boundaries don’t keep other people out, they fence you in, life is messy… That’s how we are made… So you can waste your life drawing lines… Or you can live your life crossing them… But there are some lines… That are way too dangerous to cross… Here’s what I know, if you are willing to take the chance… The view from the other side is spectacular…” — Meredith, Grey’s Anatomy



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Most Beautiful Great Rarities to See Visit in Ireland

Ireland is a great country to visit or to make it your home permanently. It is a wonderful place in the world, it robs your soul completely with its fantastic paradises, nature and the warmth of its people. If you plan to go there you have to stay for at least 3 or 4 weeks to really explore and enjoy the most you can without rushing. You might want to stay in Ireland forever!

Swamp Sculpture in Wicklow Ireland

The Giant’s Casuseway


Dark Hedges appear in Game of Thrones

Occasional Aurora Borealis in Northern Ireland

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Detecting Hidden Blood Stains in Crime Scenes like in NYPD BLue show or Real Life Interesting Fact

All these years watching several TV cop shows, like, NYPD Blue and Law and Order, seeing them grab this fluorescent blue light lamp on a crime scene to show blood stains, well, I just found out this is not true nor accurate in real life crime investigations. It was invented for our amusement only!

It is interesting to learn this fact from a reliable source,  a Criminal Justice Forensic agent retired now: Don Penven

If you watch many of the TV “Cop” shows, you will see at some point those working a crime scene using a blue light in search of invisible blood (blood stains that were cleaned up). Shazam! Blue-white stains appear all over the floors, walls and objects sitting around the crime scene! But in reality—this cannot happen. You see, blood does not fluoresce by applying UV or visible blue light.

Blood, even minute quantities that remain after clean-up, can be made to “luminesce;” that is, by spraying certain chemicals such as Luminol, BlueStar or Fluorescene on the various surfaces, blood will luminesce, or simply “glow in the dark”—and adding blue light is not necessary. So what can alternate light sources reveal? Although blood does not fluoresce, certain other physiological fluids will. UV alternate light sources can reveal the following: seminal fluid, saliva and urine stains. Also, certain narcotics will fluoresce as will bone and teeth fragments.