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Ranting Friday Night: 10 Things I Hate About The Blogging World!

blogging things i hate ranting friday humor dr martha castro noriega mexico california los angeles america
  1. I hate that a blogger follows/subscribes to your blog, you follow him/her back, and then s/he unfollows you, hoping you don’t notice. I really don’t like this.
  2. I hate it that you give likes to a blogger, comment on his/her blog, and they never return the favor, not even at least once!
  3. I hate it that people unfollow you if your political or religious views or the lack thereof are different from theirs. What? Why? Can we be a little bit mature and respect other people’s views? Thank you very much.
  4. I hate it that people want to copy your content to benefit their own website or social media without giving you credit. Geez!
  5. I hate it that sometimes I have written almost the whole blog post and uploaded images and pictures and I click the wrong button and the post disappears! Have to start over or use the autosaving that WordPress left for me.
  6. I hate trolls. Icky internet trolls that pick on people, write hateful comments and are completely unhelpful.
  7. I hate Alexa Traffic Widget It doesn’t matter if your Alexa traffic rank is 1,000 or even 100 when the quality of your blog sucks. I mean, you know that Alexa traffic rank is just a number and it doesn’t reflect the ‘real’ traffic stats.
  8. I hate insane publishing frequency, like more than 8 or 10 posts a day?!
  9. I hate it when I don’t have enough time to respond to all my subscribers comments on my blog.
  10. I hate it when I visit a blog and it has infinite ads and pop-ups. I had a blog like that 2 years ago and it was driving ME crazy, LOL
blogging things i hate ranting friday humor dr martha castro noriega mexico california los angeles america

On a side note, I’m pretty sure that there are some things that you hate about my blog. Criticism is always appreciated (as long as it’s constructive and NOT judgmental in my persona or MY freedom of speech), so do share it as a comment below.

blogging things i hate ranting friday humor dr martha castro noriega mexico california los angeles america

Happy Blogging!

blogging things i hate ranting friday humor dr martha castro noriega mexico california los angeles america
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Same Love Different Worlds


Love is the most powerful and wonderful feeling in the whole wide world. When love is truthful and everlasting, the fruit we harvest is juicy, bright, and impeccably marvelous!


The most important thing in the world is family and love.”— John Wooden


We are all different in this world, -and that is exciting- but at the same time we are the same because we, as humans want to love, to be in love, and to be loved.


Some of us have been extremely blessed by love; even though our worlds before we had met each other might had been, well, different, you become one because of love.


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Find Beauty in Your Life and Make the Pain Go Away

Find Beauty In The World And Bring It To Your Life!

beauty motivation inspiration quotes  dra martha castro tijuana

Beauty already exists everywhere and in everything. Our job is to look for it.

beauty motivation inspiration quotes  dra martha castro tijuana

Just be still for a moment and cast aside any distractions. You cannot fully appreciate something if your mind is elsewhere.

You might have to use a bit of imagination to get going, but once you’re there it’s difficult to stop.

beauty motivation inspiration quotes  dra martha castro tijuana

Begin to notice your surroundings. Don’t dwell too long on one thing. Just take in your environment and sink further into that state of peace and relaxing.

beauty motivation inspiration quotes  dra martha castro tijuana
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Inspiration With Laughter: Have A Safe Healthy Anxiety Free Monday!

When times are very difficult, sometimes the solution to make it through the day successfully, is just…laugh.

Inspiration With Laughter dr martha castro mexico

In these times when the whole world is going through lockdowns and many families through survival mode, we all have to give it a try and laugh, to inspire ourselves and others. Sometimes it might be hard when there is a loss in the family, or work. But we have to try and if we can’t, then look for help.

Passing the crazy gen…best thing EVER!

Inspiration With Laughter dr martha castro mexico

This is a tough grand-child. A tough grandma’s perfect granddaughter!

Inspiration With Laughter dr martha castro mexico

hahahaha I love this one!

Inspiration With Laughter dr martha castro mexico
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Beauty On Sunday: Most Enthralling Chandeliers In The World

chandeliers beautiful and amazing for your house

Chandeliers are used to compose and embellish a space. Some houses have the simplest ones while others have the biggest and also some of the most expensive in the world.

Chandeliers to amaze your mind

They don’t have to be overwhelming, they can be, but it isn’t a requirement, they have to serve the room, its decoration, only after its mood is set can the piece be put in place. 

chandeliers beauty in your house

Chandeliers for a dining room are the most popular choice because they are a beautiful centerpiece.

chandeliers and their elegance

The chandelier creates mood for evening meals and provides ample light for projects, especially when it’s controlled by a dimmer switch.

Leave their bulbs exposed or add shades for a tailored look, changing their colors to suit different events and seasons. String garlands through their arms to dress them up for holidays.

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Simply Good Morning Afternoon Or Night And Wishing You A Wonderful Weekend!

I leave you with a beautiful hot air balloon image to tell you that hope, persistance and hard work always makes us rise! Have a wonderful day, a peaceful night (depending where you are in the world) and fantastic weekend!

motivation inspiration festival hot air balloons dra martha castro mexico
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Gratitude Message to My Followers from all over the World

Graitud Motivation Inspiration Dr Martha Castro Mexico

I want to say THANK YOU  to all my readers, followers and contacts from all over the  world: Brazil, North America (USA, Mexico, Canada) Germany, Spain, England, Russia, Italy, Middle East, all Europe and all Latin America for following my site, for liking my Pinterest photos, for sharing your knowledge and business in Linkedin, for reading my tweets.


I try to interact with all of you, and please, if you speak other language like Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese or German, do not doubt leaving comments or messages in all my platforms. I will respond to you in the language you prefer.

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Have a Wonderful Weekend Where Ever You Are in the World!

Love is really important to keep our sanity. And sanity starts with each one of us, at home, then let it expand to our communities, our cities, countries, the world. Utopia? Maybe, but hope should never die, never.