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Saturday Night For The Free Thinkers: OSHO And His 93 Roll Royce Cars!

osho religion god man dr martha castro noriega mexico

I cannot understand for the life of me, how is it that a “man” like this one made hundreds of millions of dollars pretending that he was a “god-man”, a spiritualist, a freedom maker of the people, blah, blah, blah.

osho religion god man dr martha castro noriega mexico

OSHO, also known as Rajneeshpuram, as Acharya Rajneesh, as Bhagwan Shri Rajneesh, is dead now, but he evaded jail in the US back in 1985, went back to India and died in 1990 al the age of 58. He was using an enormity amount of milligrams of Valium a day, and he was enraged because his personal secretary, Sheela, robbed him of 55 million dollars. Anyways, you can find more about him here here here.

osho religion god man dr martha castro noriega mexico

What I cannot understand is how in the world people still follow his “teachings” in Facebook and other media outlets, and share his ridiculous quotes. Why people, why? Do not make idiots famous and richer and greedier. That is why there are many politicians and religious fanatics around the world who manage to rob people not only of their money, but their dignity, their freedom, and in some cases, even their lives, like in the Guyana case.

osho religion god man dr martha castro noriega mexico

There are a lot of con artists in the world, there always have been, but now the conning spreads faster because of the digital world social media. People want to make a quick buck or simply fool you just because. Do me a favor: do your own diligence and investigate, do your own research, not once nor twice, but three or four times until you find a credible source.

Investigate Before You Share Or Retweet.

25 thoughts on “Saturday Night For The Free Thinkers: OSHO And His 93 Roll Royce Cars!”

    1. And yet not a penny is in his name where he can be booked for. Desert land Big muddy was lying disused for decades was legally purchased and developed as fully functional city without crimes by thousands followers worked 4 years . How is that?
      Followers were rich who contributed money mind efforts. Not like parasites


    2. Have anyone bothered to know how much efforts he made single handedly singlehandedly, amidst opposition of society religious and political leaders to make individual understand his her true identity. 93 Rolls-Royce are eyesore for all but wast literature he created for mankind is forgotten, he read so much no man woman living on earth might have read…


      1. Whoever wants to sell you spiritual knowledge for 93 Rolls Royce and millions and millions of dollars, land all over and power… it is a sheep dressed in wolf clothes. And a very dangerous man. But it that is your prerogative, you are free to do so. NOt me. I am independent. Nobody manipulates me.
        Have a good day, osurya.


  1. There’s a difference between reality and propaganda. Christian Govt of US Projected Him as a Con Because He Was an Intellectual Threat To Christianity. All The Rich Elites Of USA were Supporting Him. He Bought 93 Rolls Royce Just To Show The World That Indian Spirituality Has Nothing To Do With Poverty and Renunciation. Even Today His Take On Gita Is Considered as One Of The Greatest Commentary On Gita. He Was Ahead of His Time. He Was Rich Because His Disciples Were Rich

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  2. He did what he was expert in, conning.

    Mr. Osho baby and he’s smooth as silk.
    Before you can blink, this cat drinks the milk.
    In different house, in different area codes.
    You never seen him coming, keeps switching his moves.
    Chameleon keeps changing his color, Conman baby he ain’t your lover.
    ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ LOL…….

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  3. Not a Osho fan, though for many he was the cat’s meow. I agree there are plenty of political & spiritual leaders worth keeping a careful eye on. Really when anyone plays those kind of roles loyalty will primarily trump honesty while in costume.๐Ÿ™‚

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