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Sometimes We All Need A Little Uplifting Words

This is a good one by Audrey Hepburn

Small and persistent steps, always, in every path we take. Success is guaranteed

We are responsible for our success. And it feels wonderful when you can live it!

Hard and difficult to accomplish is more exciting. Easy is boring.

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Cheerful and Wishful Wednesday: Kindness Pictures And Words of Reflection


It is so easy to find gloom and doom stories around the web, but try to find positive and cheerful news, I dare you, it takes a long time. But it’s worth the effort!

I found this GREAT contest about kindness and compassion picture taking contest. If you don’t need the cash you can donate it later. After all, competing and sharing awesome photos that show kindness, love, and tender care is what the world needs now…it is what WE all NEED now!

I hope you enjoy it and love it. Be cheerful today. Remember: living in the “here and now” with love, compassion and happiness is all we need, for each one of us can live strong and forever 💪💖😉

cheerful dra martha castro noriega tijuana mexico

Research has shown that viewing images of peace, kindness, and compassion has a dramatic impact on a person’s happiness and wellbeing – and that’s why photographers from all over the world are now being asked to share their kindest photos.

cheerful dra martha castro noriega tijuana mexico

Every day, people are exposed to negative images, stories, and experiences,” says David Fryburg, founder of Envision Kindness. “We know that this exposure is stressful to the viewer—it causes anger, anxiety, depression, and can affect behavior, disconnecting people from one another.

“To help counterbalance the negative, let’s share diverse, positive images. We know that these images have great power to bring out joy, gratitude, optimism, love, and compassion.”

cheerful dra martha castro noriega tijuana mexico
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Be Strong And Your Own Inspiration Quotes for You to Be Happy Today!

It Never Rains Forever. Smile and Be Strong!

motivation inspiration strong happiness dra martha castro noriega mexico tijuana

Inspire Yourself, everyday of your life!

motivation inspiration strong happiness dra martha castro noriega mexico tijuana

“I needed a hero, so that’s what I became” –anonymous

motivation inspiration strong happiness dra martha castro noriega mexico tijuana

Train Yourself to Be Strong at all Times!

motivation inspiration strong happiness dra martha castro noriega mexico tijuana
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My Favorite Quotes Of The Day: About Love And Suffering From Little House On The Praire

“Suffering passes, while love is eternal —Laura Ingalls

Such a short quote, but it contains so much wisdom. We wouldn’t know this until we suffer, then we forget when good times arrive and dance and sing, forgetting the pain that struggles our hearts and weakened our bodies. Then, suffering comes again, and it is important to remember that LOVE IS ETERNAL. Eternal for me, can be just a glorious minute, an hour, a month, a year. But as long as it is love, It is worth it to go through the posterior suffering that for sure, will come…and pass.

Love yourselves. It’s much important you do it every day. But remember that while suffering passes, having suffered, never passes.

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Exotic Wisteria Flowers To Attract Bees

Lots of flowers provide abundant nectar and pollen for bees. All Bees get all of their carbohydrates from floral nectar and all of their protein from floral pollen.

Bees rely on flowers to supply them with the food they need to survive. Some flowers (e.g. tomatoes) provide only pollen, the main source of protein for bees. Other flowers (e.g. clovers) provide both nectar and pollen, thus providing both protein and carbohydrates.

Plant wisteria for bees and other pollinators

Wisteria is most fragrant. The blossoms abound with honey bees.