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Anything Goes On Sunday: People Excercise In Venice Beach Homeless Nightmare Please Watch Video

I don’t understand how is it that cyclists, joggers, and runners are exercising in the middle of so much filth. It cannot be healthy to be breathing that air, seeing that kind of trash, rats, and feces of the homeless people.

homeless venice beach excercise dra martha castro noriega mexico

I would definitely NOT ride my bike in any place like that ever. We shouldn’t get used to practicing our favorite exercise in the middle of that kind of environment.

homeless venice beach excercise dra martha castro noriega mexico

When we practice a sport, we have to take care of our physiological, anatomical, and mental functions. We need to take care of our well-being. And we shouldn’t get used to seeing people living in squalor, becoming desensitized.

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Learning Wednesday: Be Careful Of Stem Cell Fraud Committed By Doctors In Florida And Other States

stem cells medical fraud warning advised read dr martha castro noriega mexico

From a “prominent” Facebook PRP group…Patients are being sold PRP as a global magical anti-inflammatory that is injected into the IV monthly. In this post, the patient/victim was told that the platelets were even activated outside the body prior to being reinjected IV (Intravenously) to travel back to the heart.

Dr. Tricia Derges, with a patient in 2018 in Springfield, Mo., faces numerous charges in connection with a fraud scheme, prosecutors said.

stem cells medical fraud warning advised read dr martha castro noriega mexico

We need to stop these scams before someone has a MI (Myocardial Infarction) or dies. We need regulatory and legal and medical/chiropractic/naturopathic board help on these. Count the red flags in what was done to this patient.

stem cells medical fraud warning advised read dr martha castro noriega mexico

One company, Lung Health Institute, was charging patients over $5000 for this IV PRP treatment and calling it a stem cell treatment. They are being sued.

The stem cell clinic customers allege their $14,900 treatments were ineffective in treating lupus, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and other conditions, according to the San Diego Tribune.

stem cells medical fraud warning advised read dr martha castro noriega mexico


“Dr. E. Michael Molnar goes into more details concerning the scientific facts of cell therapy or cell transplantation in the section Summary of Scientific Facts which is also included in the document you will download above. As far as Stem Cell Therapy PTE is concerned everything in the document is important but nothing is more important than the statement below.”

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Learning Wednesday: Stunning Animation Of The Mechanics Of Breathing Watch A 12 Seconds Video

The human body never ceases to amaze me. The more I learn, the more I wonder, the more questions have to be asked and more research to do. I just adore the human body: its physiology, chemistry, pharmacodynamics, anatomy, biology.

Studying medicine is never-ending and has always been an honor and a scientific privilege from which I am deeply humbled.

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Learning Wednesday: Rheumatoid Arthritis Part 1

As Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) begins to affect your body, small joints like your fingers and toes may become warm, stiff, or swollen. These symptoms may come and go and can last a few days or a few weeks.

If not treated adequately, RA can have a significant impact on a patient’s daily life. 60% of people who have RA but are not receiving effective treatment may be unable to work after 10 years.  

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Learning Wednesday: Where Covid Goes

The novel coronavirus has shown us to be able to infiltrate just about every millimeter of the human body, from the brain to the heart and lungs, into the intestines, and right down to the toes, causing an extreme variety of symptoms ranging from discomfort to fatal. It’s a list that we, doctors expect to grow even longer.

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Learning Wednesday: Panic Attack vs. Heart Attack How to tell the difference

The symptoms of a panic attack and a heart attack can be very similar, making it difficult to tell the difference.
If someone thinks they may be having a heart attack, they should seek emergency medical attention.
Having a heart attack also can cause someone to panic, which may make the situation more confusing.

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My New Electrical Scooter Rock And Rolls

I am 58 years old and my next birthday is April 18 … aaahhhh … glorious 59. And the next one will be the big 60! (feel like 20 though)

You live life once, I thought, so Martha, let’s get crrrrrazy and get yourself an electrical scooter and/or a motorcycle. This is the baby I’m getting (max speed 25 km/hr and good uphill power)


scooter electrical motorcycle transportation dr martha castro mexico california america

See, I have been a bicyclist for 15 years already. I have built powerful muscles and resistance. I can climb hills that are pretty steep and I love speed. I can go down the airport highway of my city where I live at 84 km/hr (52.19 miles/hr). And I am not afraid. I love it. But I am ready to try new things, and an electrical scooter is my gift for this year’s birthday, In the meantime, I will keep looking for the motorcycle of my dreams!


scooter electrical motorcycle transportation dr martha castro mexico california america
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Learning Wednesday: Are You Lazy? Get Motivated With A Very Short Video

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The area of ​​our brain that deals with the anticipation of gratifications (laziness is part of it) is very large. Therefore identify how much the effort will be worth based on the gratification we imagine we will get before moving to overcome your laziness.

If you understand the prize, your motivation will increase. How to do:
1) Expect to win the battle against your will to do nothing a priori.
2) Break up the difficult objective into many easy micro-objectives.
3) Focus on the benefits that the action you need to take will bring you.
4) Anticipate the benefits that would bring you to reach the goal. Write these things down on a piece of paper and put it next to your bed. Read the list every night and reread it again before getting up in the morning.

5) Create obstacles that prevent you from doing the wrong things
6) Mentally visualize yourself behaving just the way you would like them to act