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The Revenge Of The Cat Facebook Post

So funny and cute. I love cats and dogs, and I know well that cats act like this little kitty and feel more important than dogs, more special, royalty. I had a sweet medium size black dog (RIP) who was so adorable to all my cats and I always protected him from my big 11-year-old cat, Max. He hates dogs hahaha. My other 5 cats are not so mean to the 2 doggies I have now.

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A Beast for the Ages Discover Polar Bears

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Why do we love (and fear, and kill) polar bears with so much intensity? At Longreads, Michael Engelhard, a wilderness guide and anthropologist, looks into the Arctic predator’s grip on our imagination.

Very interesting read here A Beast for the Ages — Discover

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Adorable Mama Bird Feeds Her Babies Video For You to Be Happy Today!

We all need some inspiration and a great dose of love and hope every day to be happy, healthy, and smile. I hope you enjoy this short but beautiful video of true love and care.