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We All Latinos Are Tacos According To Jill Biden


tacos food cooking eating dra martha castro nroiega tijuana mexico

Supposedly Jill Biden has a Ph.D. in education. Then, I ask myself, why is she so ignorant and uneducated? Jill Biden said that Texas Hispanics are as “unique” as “breakfast tacos” during a speech in San Antonio on Monday, July 11.


tacos food cooking eating dra martha castro nroiega tijuana mexico

“Raul helped build this organization with the understanding that the diversity of this community, as distinct as the bodegas of the Bronx, as beautiful as the blossoms of Miami, and as unique as the breakfast tacos here in San Antonio, is your strength,” Biden said in her speech. 

Does Jill know where tacos were born and created? After all, she has a Ph.D. in “education”. Tacos are Mexican. They have a long history in my beloved México. Their history is pre-hispanic since México was known as the Grand Tenochtitlán. Hernán Cortéz was the first Governor of New Spain who celebrated a “taquiza”, a big party where all kinds of tacos are served to hundreds of people. This first taquiza happened in 1524, 500 years ago in the heart of Tenochtitlán-México. TACOS ARE MEXICAN NO LATINOS, JILL!


tacos food cooking eating dra martha castro nroiega tijuana mexico

We, Latin-Americans along the American continent, from México to Argentina, including Puerto Rico in the US, share, celebrate and RESPECT our differences and similarities. I am sure that many Chileans or Argentineans, as well as Mexicans, are not happy about the racism and stereotyping in the First Lady’s comment. I am not.

Does she even know the vast diversity of the Mexican culinary kitchen? I am sure she doesn’t.

FINAL NOTE: Trying to insult a Mexican person by calling her/him a “beaner”, is NOT an insult. Some racist Americans think so. I laugh at it. They are only kidding themselves if they believe that is an insult. It’s funny actually and frankly, stupid. NOW, if Dr. Jill Biden thinks that tacos represent all the Latin community, or any community at all, sorry to tell you, Jill, you are not very smart. And yes, I will be willing to teach you a little bit of history. I want to discuss with you several aspects of your uneducated agenda. Give me 30 seconds, and I will give you an hour. I won’t be the loser.


tacos food cooking eating dra martha castro nroiega tijuana mexico

9 thoughts on “We All Latinos Are Tacos According To Jill Biden”

  1. Biden is a stupid man when he was in Madrid at Nato Summit, Royal Palace in Madrid is amazing building. Fortunately Spain has centuries in reference with History and spaniard are latins… he’s an elder man

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    1. Both Bidens, Joe, and Jill go around the world making each country mad. I don’t know what kind of disrespect was calling Jerusalem the capital of Israel?! Seriously?! Is it an agenda or plain ignorance? And really, calling an “amazing building” what it is a gorgeous, beautiful Royal Palace in Madrid is absolute ignorance and lack of respect. They are both lacking gray brain matter and education.

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  2. All that a doctorate in education gives you is an understanding of riot control. It doesn’t mean that you are a font of all wisdom. It just means that you can deliver your subject specialisation effectively.

    As for Americans being racist? Ummmm. Duh. These were the only allies to field a segregated army in ww2 and tried to use their jim crow laws when based abroad. Their treatment of first nations, including Washington signing off on the distribution of smallpox infected blankets to the locals so that they can make off with the land. Death marches. Kkk. The suspension of rights for Japanese Americans after pearl. The suspension of even basic human rights for anybody even slightly middle Eastern who yhey suspected after 911. I mean. Guantanimo Bay was not Americas crowning glory as the supposed champions of democracy. The daily news on how cops deal with any form of minority, let alone LGBTQ.

    Ummm. I could go on, but internationally the US has the sort of track record that, if it belonged to a third world nation, we would refuse to trade with them


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