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Dr Martha Castro Noriega: Contact Me Quality and Better Medicine For All – Questions, Ecommerce, Business 2019

CONTACT DR MARTHA CASTRO NORIEGA at 01152 6643732942 for appointments only.

I am a Medical Doctor and General Surgeon who practices world-class medical quality care. I specialize in complex medical and clinical diagnostics for all ages.

I subspecialize in (multiple diplomados and courses around the world)

Internal Medicine (diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney problems)

Asthma and Allergies

Ischemic Cardiopathy



I am a Certified Medical Doctor by the World Medical Association. I have been practicing medical science for 33 years.

dr martha castro noriega
Dra Martha Andrea Castro Noriega Tijuana Baja California Mexico Medicine consultation and health

Dr. Martha A. Castro Noriega, MD TM 


21 thoughts on “Dr Martha Castro Noriega: Contact Me Quality and Better Medicine For All – Questions, Ecommerce, Business 2019”

  1. I simkply cߋuld not go away yߋur wеb site prіor too suggeѕting that I actually loved
    the usual informmatіon ɑ perѕon provide for your guests?
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  2. You doctor are the greatest. Thank you for taking care of my wife and saving her life. I am forever in debt with you. I pray for God to bless you and take care of you and your family.

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  3. I am forever thankful with you Dr. Castro. You are not only the doctor of the family but our savior. The lives of my parents and children in your hands are saved because of your knowledge, experience and medical care. Thank you for your compassion and you taking care of us for 20 years and more to come. Thank you for saving my wife´s life last week. I will never ever stop praying God for you. You are our angel. Thank you, thank you.

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  4. Le agradezco tanto a mi hermana por haberme recomendado con usted doctora. Gracias por haberme sanado y por hacer por mí lo que muchos doctores de aquí de estados unidos no pudieron. Tantos años con tantos diferentes dizque doctores y nada, yo siempre sufriendo y ahora soy una persona nueva gracias a que estoy bajo su cuidado. Si no es por usted no la estaría contando. Todo el dinero del mundo no alcanzaría para pagarle todo lo que ha hecho por mí. Gracias mi doctora bella, yo la quiero mucho y mi familia la adora. Que mi Dios nuestro Señor la bendiga y proteja y que nos la siga cuidando mucho para que nos siga curando a toda la raza jajajaja, hasta los nietos todos todos la queremos y estamos en sus manos divinas.


  5. Eternamente agradecido con usted doctora por habernos atendido y sobre todo por haber curado a mi mamacita que ya me la habían deshaucido en todos lados. Que Dios nuestro señor la cuide para que nos dure muchos años doctora, mucha familias de aquí de California la necesitamos sanita para que nos atienda y nos cure con esa mente tan brillante que diosito le ha dado. Muchas bendiciones a usted y a su bella familia.
    La quiere y respeta, la familia Becerra, de San Jose, California.

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  6. Dr, Castro, you have my utmost respect. I can’t thank you enough for saving the life of my little girl. The doctors here in the US didn’t know what she has and thanks to you her appendix didn’t rupture otherwise she would have died. Thank you thank you thank you, doctor. You are certainly the best physician ever, and in all US and Mexico with all the doctors I’ve known in my life, como decimos en español, ninguno le llega ni a los talones. Gracias doctoras y que mi bendito Dios nos la cuide sana por muchos años más porque la vida de muchos seres humanos están en sus manos.
    Marcos Bernal
    Los Angeles, CA

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  7. My whole family is grateful for your medical services, dr, castro. You are the best.. You cured us all at once, started to feel better within hours. The flu is gone and we are so thankful. We’ll see you in two weeks for follow up as you ordered. Thank you so much. You are a saint!

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  8. Patience, tolerance and intelligence, you have all these in you. I’m proud you are my doctor and hope you keep doing great in your career. Thank you, dr. Castro


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