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Ranting Friday Night: 10 Things I Hate About The Blogging World!

blogging things i hate ranting friday humor dr martha castro noriega mexico california los angeles america
  1. I hate that a blogger follows/subscribes to your blog, you follow him/her back, and then s/he unfollows you, hoping you don’t notice. I really don’t like this.
  2. I hate it that you give likes to a blogger, comment on his/her blog, and they never return the favor, not even at least once!
  3. I hate it that people unfollow you if your political or religious views or the lack thereof are different from theirs. What? Why? Can we be a little bit mature and respect other people’s views? Thank you very much.
  4. I hate it that people want to copy your content to benefit their own website or social media without giving you credit. Geez!
  5. I hate it that sometimes I have written almost the whole blog post and uploaded images and pictures and I click the wrong button and the post disappears! Have to start over or use the autosaving that WordPress left for me.
  6. I hate trolls. Icky internet trolls that pick on people, write hateful comments and are completely unhelpful.
  7. I hate Alexa Traffic Widget It doesn’t matter if your Alexa traffic rank is 1,000 or even 100 when the quality of your blog sucks. I mean, you know that Alexa traffic rank is just a number and it doesn’t reflect the ‘real’ traffic stats.
  8. I hate insane publishing frequency, like more than 8 or 10 posts a day?!
  9. I hate it when I don’t have enough time to respond to all my subscribers comments on my blog.
  10. I hate it when I visit a blog and it has infinite ads and pop-ups. I had a blog like that 2 years ago and it was driving ME crazy, LOL
blogging things i hate ranting friday humor dr martha castro noriega mexico california los angeles america

On a side note, I’m pretty sure that there are some things that you hate about my blog. Criticism is always appreciated (as long as it’s constructive and NOT judgmental in my persona or MY freedom of speech), so do share it as a comment below.

blogging things i hate ranting friday humor dr martha castro noriega mexico california los angeles america

Happy Blogging!

blogging things i hate ranting friday humor dr martha castro noriega mexico california los angeles america

47 thoughts on “Ranting Friday Night: 10 Things I Hate About The Blogging World!”

  1. Haha, yes, some of these I can relate to!! 😉 There are some peculiarities in the blogging world; sometimes posts I read seem really to be Instagram or Facebook posts but maybe that’s just my narrow idea of social media compartments 😉 The other bugbear I have is being able to understand the links between views/comments/likes – sometimes I just can’t see any correlation at all. I wasn’t aware of the Alexa widget but I shall now keep an eye out for it when I surf! Happy Blogging :-

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  2. I love you because you don’t believe in God. I don’t know if I believe in God or not. But, I really love to set my own life free and religion doesn’t help people to be free.

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  3. Hehe i Like
    To Write that’s
    All i Need to Feel
    About Blogging



    Not Really

    Just The


    Stray i Do Hate
    To See People Wasting
    Their Time Liking Every
    Comment on Every



    Ain’t Never
    Gonna Bring
    ‘em The Dream
    Of Fame And Fortune


    Those Are
    Only Empty


    For What Only
    Increasing Human
    Potential Will Do

    To Bring
    All The


    We Own No
    One Will Take

    Away No

    Matter How


    They May
    See Us Compared
    To The Autotelic

    Flow Of

    In A Book Loving
    Dirt Nap Fantasies

    More Than That Now

    Heaven For

    Real Within Now

    We Earn And Expect

    No Welfare God To

    Just Dole


    To Us If

    We Worship

    Someone Else’s

    Poem Or Quote or
    Yes Written Bible



    Do it
    Makes The

    Meal Heaven
    Within Always
    To Generate Now

    Just Relaxing
    While So Many
    Folks Chase


    Rat Tale
    They Sadly Make
    For Themselves


    A Rat
    Race to
    Nowhere really

    i Gave All my Retirement
    Gold To My Wife As A

    Public Dancer
    For 14,466 Miles
    In 90 Months Folks
    Have Often Notified

    me Out on The

    Street And in


    i Am
    Folk Legend
    And Famous Oh

    Lord Just

    For Having



    And Really
    Dancing A

    Heavenly Autotelic
    Flow Meditatively At



    Of Soulfully

    Aware Blissful Balancing
    All Center Point Existence

    Does That Notification

    Feel Any Better



    iN A Word

    No it is No
    Different than The
    Years i Spent Handing

    Out Shoes After


    3 Degrees in

    College At A Military

    Bowling Center i Am

    No Fool i Fully

    Understand That
    A Smile, A Dance, And
    Song Giving Sharing Freely





    Is the


    That is Really

    Now i Truly Hate
    It That so Many





    Is Freest

    Of All That

    We Are Born

    Naked With to
    Seek And Find Move
    Connect Co-create

    This Heaven ToGeTHeR Now…

    Yes i Do





    This Means

    No One Has

    Control over

    My Soul

    No Dead Pages oF old🏰

    And i For one Understand

    How Offended Any REAL

    Lao Tzu

    Or JeSuS

    Would Be

    If Anyone




    The Natural

    Response Would

    Literally Be What

    In The Hell Are You

    Doing A Quiet



    i Chant


    The Ignorance

    Of Brick and Mortar

    Worshipping Life Hmm

    Only If Those 3 Dudes

    Actually Had

    A Blog

    Or Even


    Ever Wrote A Word…

    Hmm…❄️ It’s SNoWinG ⛄️

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  4. Oh… This is very much relatable Dr. 5 is me many a times… Lol… And I go mad that time.
    8 is 💯 me. I don’t prefer to follow those who keep publishing posts every few min. Omg… How on earth can they do that???🤪🤪

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  5. I’m a tad irritated with wordpress reader fir not making it easier to find people. I know there are more regular bloggers out there

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  6. Lol that was pretty good! I have only very recently let “blogging” into my 6 ft personal space. Your list of 10 has described most of my experience with this new found “hobby”. Number 5 made me smile..For that I say thank you 😊

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  7. I’m with you on all these things Martha. I’m having a difficult time keeping up with Reader. I spent most of last Sunday trying to catch up, was two days behind then and now tackling Reader once again four days later as Comments had bogged me down through this week. I had to go to two posts a week as three were just too much – probably because my posts are long and picture-laden, so yes … I do this to myself! Doing a Wordless Wednesday pictures-only post makes it easier until I can keep up again. Multiple posts a day are difficult to keep up. I have a few fellow bloggers who sometimes do that. Yesterday I did two posts … one was a reblog. I have only done that once before.

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      1. You are 100% correct Martha. I am so far behind in Reader most of the time, even with cutting out one post a week. But I eventually will catch up. It is a joy to be a blogger and the first 4 1/2 years I only had two people commenting, a neighbor and friend who subscribed and then things blossomed at WordPress. 🙂

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  8. I follow several bloggers who are frantic posters. It drives me crazy because I’m trying to make my way through the notifications and respond to all I follow only to find myself facing another sea of their posts. I enjoy most of the blogs, but so many is a bit overwhelming and frustrating.

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  9. Even I hate it when I write a blog and due to clicking on a wrong button the post disappears . Thats why I save it as draft when I’m writing .

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